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Annie x Toby Puppies ~ Our Newborns ~ 1/29/13

We’ve got puppies!! Annie/Toby puppies arrived throughout the night and into the wee hours this morning! Our little blessings of 4 girls and 3 boys love are settling in having each claimed their fav spot at the milk bar. Their colors are just beautiful. We have some creams and varying shades of caramel. A couple of pups have charming little white dots on their heads, very cute! One of my girls, as  you can see in the photo, has an adorable broad white mismark on her little face that runs over the top of her head over her neck….looks like she’s wearing a collar! 🙂  Love it!

So it definitely was a long day yesterday, but our Annie does everything in her own good time, birthing puppies included. 🙂 She started panting and nesting yesterday morning around 4 a.m. so I’m thinking she’ll have her pups whelped by maybe early afternoon at the latest.  I’m thinking, yay!!….a day birth!! Not! She finally got down to business at around 7:30 last night and we finished up at 3 this morning! Needless to say, she was one tuckered out Mom. Towards the last puppy, she was panting with her eyes closed, poor baby! Anyway, kudos to mama Annie for all her hard work as she sure gave us some stunning puppies! They are all pudgy and happy so all is good!

More individual photos to come, but here’s a sampling of our crew for now. Thanks for looking!

Welcome sweet babies !!!

Annie x Toby Newborns

Annie x Toby Newborns


Have a great week everyone!  All these puppies have families waiting for them.



Maggie Update and More News …..

Thanks so much everyone for your interest in our Maggie. She’s found a wonderful new home now and loves her new family! 🙂

We’re getting ready for Annie’s whelping for today or tomorrow. Her tummy is absolutely huge….filled with lots of babies! Annie’s waddling around this morning looking at me like, “let’s get this party started!” 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have a day birth but I’m thinking a nap this afternoon for both of us would be a smart idea, just in case we’re up all night!

We are taking (2) more apps and deposits as Annie’s having some extra little surprises for us! If needing more info, please call Vicki at (717)-870-0659 or e-mail at Photos of Annie and Toby are below with some details as well.  Thanks for your interest in our puppies!

Hi!! I’m Maggie and I’m looking for a New Family to Love Me!

Hi....I'm "Maggie"

Hi….I’m “Maggie”

Hello everyone!   I’m Maggie and I’m needing a new home! My current family adores me but they had some changes in their circumstances so I need to find a new family to love me.  I am a happy, healthy puppy who likes to do all the fun puppy stuff that puppies do.  I like to play ball, chew on my peanut butter kong and all kinds of fun toys, play tug-of-war…..oh, and I do like to act silly sometimes and run around the house when I get the “zoomies”….and then I just like to hang out with my peeps.  I have a very soft fleece coat and enjoy being brushed!  I already graduated from Puppy Preschool and am working on my good manners every day. I’m also doing especially well with my housetraining skills. Everyone is very proud of me! 🙂 I would also be an awesome puppy for a family who has allergies and of course I love kids to romp with and rub my belly!  That’s just the best!!  So, if you’re thinking of having me join your family, please call my breeder, Vicki, at (717-870-0659) to chat or e-mail at Thanks for considering me as your new family member!!

Cammie x Vincent Puppies ~ Ready Late Spring 2013 !!

Okay everyone!  Let’s shake the Winter blues and think about Spring……and what a great time for an adorable litter of puppies to arrive!  We are honeymooning our beautiful Cammie and Vincent again. This pair produced such stunning puppies for us in the past, we just had to repeat the breeding. Puppies will go to their forever homes late Spring.  Cam and Vince are incredibly sweet, totally fun Australian labradoodles.  Both love nothing better than a good ole’ fashion rousing game of fetch! 🙂  Their puppies will carry buttery soft fleece coat types in colors of gorgeous cream with caramel highlights and various shades of lovely caramels. Some pups will have charming mismarks as well, very cute!! They will also have awesome allergy-friendly coats.  Sizes at maturity will be mediums, at about 35-40 pounds.  Our professional dog trainer works with our puppies in our “Puppy Preschool Program” from 4 weeks of age until they go to their forever homes at 8 week’s old….oh so smart puppies!!  We are accepting applications and deposits at this time.  If wishing to move forward,  we would be glad to help in your decision.  The process….Just fill in an application found on the Homepage of our Website at and e-mail to  I will contact you via phone to help best answer any questions you may have.  Also, please feel free to call me at (717)870-0659 as well as I love to chat doodles! Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies. 🙂 Here are our upcoming parents…..First, a photo of one of their past puppies!  Love him!!  

A previous Cammie x Vincent Puppy……

A former Cammie and Vincent Puppy

A former Cammie and Vincent Puppy

The Mama …..



The Papa …..



Thanks again for your interest in our upcoming Cammie x Vincent puppy family!! 🙂

Just the latest……

Happy 2013 all! Just wanted to give the latest update here at Windsor Creek Labradoodles….We are so missing all our sweet Emme/Tate puppies as they all went to their new homes last weekend.  Our house is way too quiet without any puppy chatter but that’ll all change at the end of this month with Annie’s puppies arriving around January 29th. Annie’s getting pudgy, eating whatever isn’t nailed down, so her babies will be chunks for sure! 🙂  We’re getting the puppy nursery ready these days…..lots to do  before puppies come again!   Annie’s litter list is fully booked.

Next up is a breeding with our Cameo Rose and Vincent, expected to take place sometime this month or in February, per Mother Nature.   Puppies will go home late Spring. A formal announcement is up and coming. Right now, we’re taking deposits and reservations and getting lots of interest in Cam’s pups as we chat with folks.  These puppies will mature to medium size, around 30-35 pounds, have lovely fleece allergy-friendly coat types and come in colors of beautiful cream and some caramels. Both parents are stunning Australian labradoodles with super nice personalities and temperaments. For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 and I’ll be glad to help in your decision! That’s it for now….more news on its way very soon!