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Halle’s Napping Boys ~ Best Buddies !

Ahh….puppy naps on a rainy Saturday afternoon …..


Snoozing buds ….

Lucy x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

What a fun time in puppy development….. the 3-week mark, my absolute favorite!  The puppies’ eyes and ear canals are open now, and they are walking and exploring their surroundings.  They are beginning to play too and are just the sweetest little snuggle bugs!!  This litter is incredibly “chill” and are very content and happy babies.  Here is our crew this week….Hope you all enjoy!  These puppies have loving homes and families waiting for them….


Yellow Boy


Pink Girl


Red Girl


Black Ribbon Boy


Green Boy

Thanks again for taking a peek at us !

Maddie Rose x Orion ~ Pregnancy Confirmed !!

We are so excited about the news, via ultrasound yesterday, that Maddie Rose is pregnant!  Her puppies with “O” are sure to be gorgeous.  Maddie is doing well, only having a smidge of morning sickness which is common, so we are trying to ramp up her appetite with some special “goodies!”  Here is a quick peek at her upcoming puppies due around August 19th.  Puppies will go home in October.  Her litter LIST IS FULL at this time until we see how many babies we are blessed to have.  These ultrasounds are really cool to see!

Mads US 7 21 16

Maddie Rose x Orion Baby

Have a great weekend everyone!  🙂



Halle x Tate Puppies ~ 1 Week

Halle and Tate pups are doing awesome as well!  Halle is “super Mama” and has had to have “room service” in the whelping area (what new Mom doesn’t want pampered)….she prefers not to leave her babies for a second!  We have the cutest little guy in her crew so he’s getting extra spoiled as  you can imagine.  Here are our new arrivals…..what scrumptious puppers!!  Thanks for looking!


Red Boy


Yellow Boy


Pink Girl


Blue Boy


Green Boy with his “milk moustache”

Thanks for watching us grow up!!  Have a great week everyone!!

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

We are posting a day early but didn’t think anyone would mind seeing puppy pics early!  :)So all is well here in puppy land!  Zara’s babies are doing great and Mama Z is constantly doting on her puppies.  It’s amazing how quickly they’ve grown in just a week.  Here are our new arrivals….Enjoy!


Green Boy


Yellow Girl


Blue Girl


Red Boy


Pink Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks for looking !!!  🙂

Continued Post from Below

Here are Zara’s newborn puppies!  Sorry but “technical” difficulties didn’t allow me to post below.  Here is her crew ~


Halle x Tate and Zara x Schoggi ~ Puppies Arrived 7/14/16 !!

Wow!  Thursday unfolded into a whirlwind of puppies making their debut. Talk about timing!!  Halle and Zara were busy Mamas delivering (almost simultaneously too) 5 puppies and 6 puppies respectively.  Halle’s new family includes 1 caramel boy, 2 cream boys and 1 chocolate boy and 1 cream girl.  Zara’s new babies include 3 cream girls, 1 chocolate girl and 2 cream boys. Many of these  puppies, as their Mom, will have charming splashes of white on them.

Everyone is doing really well, settling in nicely and nursing like the hungry little pups they are!  Both Moms are very attentive to their new pups and as for me, well I’m still recuperating from 12 hours of delivering pups Thursday!  Yikes!!  A huge shout out of heartfelt thanks to my good friend, Kat, who was a Godsend in helping me from handing me supplies to snuggling newborn pups.  She said it’s the best job she ever had!!

So here is a little group photo for now….I’ll be posting every few weeks with updates and pics individually and in separate posts, but I know how anxious all our puppy families were to see our new arrivals, so I wanted to get a post out as soon as I could.  Thanks for welcoming our new babies to the world !!!  We are totally in love with them all !!!


Halle’s Puppies



Zara’s Puppies

Thanks again for taking a peek at our new arrivals !!!