Annie x Toby Puppies ~ Our Newborns ~ 1/29/13

We’ve got puppies!! Annie/Toby puppies arrived throughout the night and into the wee hours this morning! Our little blessings of 4 girls and 3 boys love are settling in having each claimed their fav spot at the milk bar. Their colors are just beautiful. We have some creams and varying shades of caramel. A couple of pups have charming little white dots on their heads, very cute! One of my girls, as  you can see in the photo, has an adorable broad white mismark on her little face that runs over the top of her head over her neck….looks like she’s wearing a collar! 🙂  Love it!

So it definitely was a long day yesterday, but our Annie does everything in her own good time, birthing puppies included. 🙂 She started panting and nesting yesterday morning around 4 a.m. so I’m thinking she’ll have her pups whelped by maybe early afternoon at the latest.  I’m thinking, yay!!….a day birth!! Not! She finally got down to business at around 7:30 last night and we finished up at 3 this morning! Needless to say, she was one tuckered out Mom. Towards the last puppy, she was panting with her eyes closed, poor baby! Anyway, kudos to mama Annie for all her hard work as she sure gave us some stunning puppies! They are all pudgy and happy so all is good!

More individual photos to come, but here’s a sampling of our crew for now. Thanks for looking!

Welcome sweet babies !!!

Annie x Toby Newborns

Annie x Toby Newborns


Have a great week everyone!  All these puppies have families waiting for them.




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