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Bella’s Pregnancy Confirmed Today ~ Bella x Mel Puppies Arriving Soon !!

Breaking news!!  Puppies are on their way!  Bella’s pregnancy was actually confirmed today via ultrasound and we saw LOTS of little heartbeats.  Bella x Mel make the most awesome puppies together!!  This is a repeat breeding of this pair as their first litter together was spectacular!  Because we now expect a larger litter than planned, we’re opening her list and accepting (2) additional puppy reservations.  If interested in reserving one of these gorgeous pups, please call me at (717)+870-0659 or e-mail me at  I’ll be glad to help you in your decision!  Colors expected are gorgeous chocolates, cafe’s and some creams with yummy caramel highlights in beautiful fleece coats.  These puppies will finish at around 30-35 pounds or so when grown.  Their temperaments will be super sweet and fun as are the parents!  Here are photos of our expectant parents!   Way to go Bella and Mel !!

BELLA ~ Our beautiful Momma

Proud Momma-to-Be   "Bella"

Proud Momma-to-Be “Bella”


Our Proud Poppa ~ Mel

Proud Poppa-To-Be   "Mel"

Proud Poppa-to-Be “Mel”


Thanks for taking a peek at our puppy parents and if interested in reserving one of their beautiful puppies, I’d be happy to chat!!  🙂  (717-870-0659) or


Cammie x Vincent Puppies ~ 8 Weeks ~ Going Home !

Whew….finally a minute to re-group and post adorable family go-home photos of our Cammie/Vince litter.  We sent our beautiful puppies home last week with lots of doodle hugs and kisses!  Our families were all so-o-o excited to meet their new puppy and vice versa.  It was so much fun seeing everyone’s face as they met their new family member.  I was super blessed with this litter from their gorgeous coats they had to such incredibly sweet and comical personalities of each pup.  Rave reviews are coming in from my families about their pups which is so great to hear!  Many comments include how fast their pups are learning “housetraining” skills and how well they are sleeping in their crates already.  Their puppy trainers are also commenting on how quickly their pups are learning clicker training in just a couple of  lessons!!  Kudos to each of my “babies” in this litter!!! ~ Great job!!  🙂

We have a few short weeks to go here and more puppies to love and spoil will arrive in July……our home will be rockin’ and rollin’ with more puppy chatter!! 🙂

So here are our wonderful Cammie/Vincent puppy families with their beautiful puppies!!!  Enjoy your new “baby” everyone !!


















My heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful puppy families for giving our pups such wonderful loving homes and for choosing us at Windsor Creek Labradoodles as your breeder!  Hugs to all…..please keep in touch!  🙂