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Hi everyone!  We’re a few days early in posting pics of Daisy’s pups, but we were all in a creative mood today so we thought we’d do their photo session this afternoon.  Today was particularly busy with nail trims again and pictures.  As you can see from the photos, the pups are growing by leaps and bounds and now have started weaning onto puppy “mush.”  They love it!!  They will continue to have lots of mama time yet, but are quickly becoming more independent by the day.  At this stage, the puppies like to do lots of play-fighting with their siblings, batting noses and gnawing on tails and ears. 

Thanks for following our Daisy puppies along…we hope you enjoy pics of them as they turn 4 week’s old!!

" Dakota "

" Demi' "

" Delilah "

" Dewey "

" Digby "

" Doonesbury "

" Duffy "

Here are some more fun pics taken this afternoon !!

" Yes, we KNOW you are adorable !!!

" I refuse to look at you, get me outta here !! "

Cammie Puppies ~ A Month Old

Hi everyone ~  Oh my goodness….look at how much our Cammie puppies have grown!  They’re turning into quite an entertaining crew, doing more interaction with one another, play-biting and using some tricky wrestling moves on their littermates.  They’re so comical to watch, I can’t get any serious work done these days!  I felt some teeth the other day on my toes during playtime  so mama Cam is definitely ready to start the weaning process.  Special note to our puppy families…..We’ll be doing another photo session for you in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for taking a peek at our growing “babies”! 







We captured some especially adorable misc pics of the pups this week ~ hope you all enjoy them!! ……………..

"What is this wonderful scent???"

"Love this bed Mom but how bout' a bigger one???"

"And so...who are you??"

Daisy’s Puppies ~ Two Weeks Old

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend.  We were busy with puppy duties having cut 234 puppy nails between our two litters!  Nails really grow fast now so trimming them weekly is a must.

We have some pretty active little puppers here with eyes starting to open as you’ll see from the pics below.  They’re doing belly crawls at record speed and pretty much are on to doing their “wobble” walking now.  These pups are such sweethearts.  They love to nuzzle in our necks when we cuddle them and then they’ll fall fast asleep.

Thanks for taking a look at our Daisy puppies as they grow up!  We’ll do another photo session at the four week mark….








Here are a couple of shots that I thought were adorable….

"This photo session is wearing me out!"

"Ah.....napping after a long hard day being a pup"

Daisy’s Puppies ~ Wow…We’re a week old !!

Happy First birthday week to Daisy’s puppies!!   Now here’s an awesome group of puppies who are quite the little eating and sleeping machines.  All eyes are still closed right now but by next week, we’ll see some start to open.  We’re just thrilled with this litter of beautiful coats, colors and balance of genders.  Daisy’s doing a great job keeping up with her mama duties and early on, you can tell she’s raising some real cuddle bugs!

Our first individual photo session is below.  We hope you all enjoy watching our puppies grow up……Thanks for taking a peek at our little ones!   Now we proudly introduce to you……..


~ Dakota ~

~ Delilah ~

~ Dewey ~

~ Digby ~

~ Duffy ~

~ Demi' ~

~ Doonesbury ~