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News update!  We received a call this morning from this puppy’s family today and long story short, they are now not totally convinced the family member has a true allergy to the pup.  So, they are trying to work through things in the hopes that they will be able to keep their puppy!  I know the family loves him dearly, so we’re wishing everyone well and sending lots of prayers for a good outcome.   Thanks for taking a peek at this wonderful boy!


We now have a beautiful puppy who’s immediately available for adoption!  Because his one adult family member developed an unexpected allergy reaction, this gorgeous boy is in need of a new family to love.  His picture is below this post, and I will be posting more photos tomorrow.  (He is a Daisy puppy with the blue collar).  This is such a sad time for these folks as they just adore everything about this puppy, but again, unfortunately, they have to give him up because of the family member’s health issue.

Now to tell you about this stunning puppy.  This boy is a pure delight….a guy just  full of puppy kisses!   He’s very playful and comical, such a happy soul, and will make a lovely addition to a very special family.  He will mature to a medium size and is almost 10 weeks old.  He has gotten an A+ on his health report card from our vet, is current in his puppy vaccinations, has been neutered and is 95% housetrained which is great for this early age….a VERY smart puppy indeed!  For more info on adopting this wonderful pup, please e-mail me at or call me on my cell at 717-870-0659.   Thanks for considering our boy!

Daisy Puppy Available (Blue Boy)

Cammie and Daisy Puppies

Our group picture this week was scheduled to be taken in a wagon but we had some “leapers” so we decided to be safe and just do pics of the crew in the puppy nursery.  Daisy’s puppies are 7 weeks and Cammie’s are 8 weeks old today, so Happy Birthday to everyone! 

Here are pictures of some excited puppers ready to meet their families!   Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

"Just Hanging Out On A Friday Evening"


"Somebody Wants Their Picture Taken Anyway"


"Oh What Cute Faces!!!"

Daisy and Cammie Litter News ~ 7 & 8 Weeks Old

Hi everyone!  Just a quick note to let you all know this week we’ll be posting a group picture tomorrow that includes both litters.  We thought a picture of all 10 puppies together would be a neat idea.  Daisy’s 7 puppies are 7 weeks old today and Cammie’s 3 will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  Time has really flown by!  It should be very interesting to see how the “family” photo turns out!!  A sure bet is that it’ll be an action photo as they’re all dancers and jumpers these days.  I guess they’re just getting excited to meet their new families!!!

Cammie x Vincent ~ 7 Weeks Old

Oh my gosh, how our “babies” are growing up!  Their first bath went well, but the blow dryer well…YIKES….not so good, but we got through it.  All had a great experience at our vet’s office for their health check up.  The staff loves to spoil them and the pups soak it all in!  After we got home, they all just plopped down for a nap.  I hear our families are doing lots of shopping these days for their new puppy and are picking up all kinds of cool doggie toys and goodies.  There’s definitely a lot of excitement in the air these days!

Thanks for taking a look at our puppies this week all decked out for St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Cream Girl


Red Boy


Yellow Boy

Daisy x Vincent ~ 6 Weeks Old

We decided to get festive for St.  Patrick’s Day!  The puppies are getting to be pretty wiggly these days for photo sessions, so we’ve got to be lightning fast with the shots we take.  A little patience and coaxing and we did just fine!  We gave them some new puppy treats this week so now when they hear the box rattle, they all come sprinting out to meet me.  We sure do have some pretty big eaters in this group!

Thanks for following our puppies each week ~

Pink Girl


White Ribbon Boy


Light Green Boy


Red Boy

Yellow Boy


Blue Boy

Dark Green Boy

A couple of fun pics to share …………

"A Comfy Position For A Nap???? Guess So!"

"A New Bed and It's ALL MINE For Now!!!"