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Cammie x Vincent ~ 2 Weeks Old

Here we are at two weeks old today.   A new development to report….Yeah!!!   Everyone’s eyes opened just a day ago, although they slept through our photo shoot today.  Ear canals will be open soon as well.  I just can’t help snuggling with these babies as they’re just so plump, soft and huggable!  I am really happy with the coats I see as well as the gorgeous colors of each of these puppies. 

Puppy duties this weekend include nail trimming and today they were given their first worming medication.  It must have been pretty tasty though because they all smacked their lips when I gave it to them and then mama Cammie took over to lick faces clean!  Yummy!

Thanks so much for looking at our babies this week ~

Cream Girl


Yellow Boy


No Collar Boy


"Snoozin" after the festivities


Happy first week birthday to our Daisy and Vince puppies!   Our photo session went well today!  We have some adorable little “twitchers” here just dreaming the day away.  These twitching movements are called “activated sleep” and helps strengthen their legs.  Sometimes they do a little yip while sleeping.  All are gaining weight very nicely and each love their cuddle time by Walt and I.  The gentle touching and handling they receive from us throughout their day helps them in the bonding process.

This time in their development is the “Transitional Stage.”  Eyes will start to open within the next week or so as will their ear canals.  The strength they have early on here simply amazes me!  They will crawl to mama at record speed when it’s time to nurse.  You can always count on a race to the finish line at the milk bar! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our newest babies!

Red Boy


Pink Girl


Light Green Boy


Dark Green Boy


Yellow Boy


Blue Boy


White Ribbon Boy


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Daisy’s puppies born yesterday. Our 7 little blessings include one female and six males. As far as colors, we’ve gotten some gorgeous black puppies as well as two caramel/cream babies. She and Vince made some really beautiful babies with this litter. Okay…. now for lots of lovin’ and puppy kisses to start!

Cammie’s Puppies are One Week Old

Happy one week old birthday to Cammie’s babies! Everyone is doing just great, doing lots of snoozing and eating. In between they’re lovin’ the cuddles too…who could ask for more?

No Collar Boy

Yellow Boy

Cream Girl


How exciting!  Cammie’s puppies were born just yesterday.  We were blessed with two males and one female.  Our boys are a deep caramel color and our girl, who is a cream, I believe will definitely have some caramel highlights in her coat.  These puppies are absolutely scrumptious little packages and are such happy and content little souls.  Cammie is being a great momma and surely does love her babies. 

The second picture below is especially cute.  Our girl is taking a sneak peek out from her hiding place with momma.

Thanks for taking a look at our new arrivals!