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Annie Update and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

Here is the latest……Annie is due to deliver her puppies VERY soon now.  She prefers staying very close to me these days, loving all the extra attention and belly rubs she’s getting!  She sleeps on my bed and usually she can hop up on it without any problem, but not anymore.  🙂   We definitely have to help her with a boost up as she has all that puppy weight to deal with but she’s taking it all in stride!

The whelping room and puppy nursery are all set up in anticipation of our precious babies coming.  Stay tuned for our birth announcement and pictures of Annie’s new family soon.  Hope everyone has a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving !

Annie and Xander Puppies Are On Their Way!!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick update on Annie, our expectant mama.  Annie is doing just great….. getting more pudgy by the day and ready for delivery of her babies around Thanksgiving.  She loves to romp in piles of leaves so I took a quick photo (see below) before she started playing today!

We are accepting just a few more reservations and deposits for our upcoming Annie litter at this time.  They’ll go to their forever homes then in January.  I can’t believe how close we are to having more puppies here to love and spoil!!  We anticipate some beautiful chocolates and some cream/caramel puppies who will mature to medium size.  Please scroll down a bit to see Annie’s handsome beau, Xander.  If interested in a puppy from this awesome litter, please call me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail at  We love to chat “doodles!” 

We hope you enjoy taking a peek  at our sweet mama.  I’ve also posted Annie’s ultrasound done on 10/22/10 showing one of her little puppers (at the top of the view within the black circle) if that makes sense…..Yes, that is a puppy believe it not!!  🙂  It is truly amazing what Mother Nature can do all in 63 days !

"Mama Annie"

ULTRASOUND  ~ October 22, 2010 

"Annie's Ultrasound"