Sadie x Ritchie Puppies Arrived!

We’ve exciting news!  Welcome to the world little ones.  Sadie’s beautiful puppies arrived yesterday 7/21, all nine, 5 boys, 4 girls, crèmes, chocolates and chocolate and white, all within 6 hours.  All are nursing well and Sadie’s being such a great Mom.  Here’s a photo, not the best yet, but we’re quite busy right now.  Thanks for understanding.  Look for more photos and updates through the weeks but here’s a sneak peek for now.  A shout of thanks to Jen for all her help!  Congrats to our families!  Thanks for looking!


Sophie x Ritchie Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Hi all!  You’ll want to check out the cuteness we have to start your weekend!  We’ve a five week update today on our gorgeous Sophie kiddos……Wowser!   We are thrilled to see little personalities that have developed into pure sweetness.  Fun little tail waggers greet us every day and oh boy, do they love snuggle time!!  Their fave toy is the bigger sliding board, no fear there, and lots of zoomies especially in the evening hours!  Too funny!  Weaning is going well supplementing with Mama Sophie’s help…..she’ll nurse them for a while yet.  We moved up our photo shoot from next week to this one for these babies as next week we have Sadie’s crew coming and things will be hectic for sure!  Hope you all enjoy watching this litter progress through the weeks.  Thanks so much for following!


”  Mary “


”  Paul “



”  Peter  “

Thanks again for taking a peek at us!  Have a great weekend everyone and stay cool!!  🙂

Sadie x Ritchie Upcoming Litter Update

Good Morning and Happy Fri-yay all!  Just a quick update on our Sadie Blue litter coming up next week.  Her pregnancy x-ray revealed a really nice litter of puppies making their debut very soon!  Sade is pretty uncomfortable right now carrying around her large tummy but is hanging in there as we Moms will do……lounging around in the AC and taking it easy.  Her x-ray is below……can’t wait to see you sweet babies!

Sadie Blue X Ray 7 16 20 Ritchie OSL



Sophie x Ritchie Puppies ~ 4 Weeks

So our crew is really changing and are being exposed to so many new things these days.  Little puppies have so much to learn!  They’re doing some really adorable play-fighting, pawing each other’s noses, biting ears, just discovering their siblings are pretty fun little playmates!  Puppy mush will start soon and Mama Soph will continue nursing of course.  They’ll pack their bags and move into a larger run as well.  We introduced them to a “potty” tray at 3 week’s old so they learn there is a special place they’re to use.  We’ve also had them listening to a great CD full of every day type noises getting them used to sounds like thunderstorms, other animals, household noises, babies crying, you name it.  They’ve pretty much slept through the CD actually.  lol  Nail trims went well…..a very important part of grooming as they grow.  All three were brave little souls.  Great job puppers!  Here’s our outdoor shoot for this week…..we got it in before the storms started so yay for that.  Have a great week everyone!  Hope you enjoy our babies and thanks for following us along in our journey!

Do you think they’ve grown much since the two week photos??  O M G !!!



”  Mary ”  Love your white splash little one


”  Paul  ”  I’m ready Mom



”  Peter ”  Most Photogenic Award

Sophie x Ritchie Puppies ~ 2 weeks

It’s hard to believe our beautiful Sophie babies are 2 weeks old already!  (Officially tomorrow, we just were so excited to post.)  Okay so here’s what they’re up to these days……..Their eyes are starting to open slightly and will be fully open soon.  I’m calling this my “Peter, Paul and Mary” litter which is the theme my hubby came up with so creds to him on that end! I thought it was pretty darn cute.  So what a roly, poly crew this is and no wonder, they are absolute chow hounds weighing over 3 pounds now!  Their chocolate coats are super shiny and silky soft, just so pretty!  Of course Mama Sophie is doing her usual fabulous job as a Mom and adores her sweet babies.  They are a chilled little group of puppers and love to snuggle in my neck…..the best part of my day!   Every now and then they do some wobble walking if hungry and looking for mama Soph, but prefer the basics of eating, sleeping and repeating at best for now just the way it should be.

Our first formal photo shoot was done with the helping hand of my husband, Walt.  It takes a village with squirmy puppies but they were pretty patient for little ones ….: )  I’ll post some fun videos of them on my Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well.  More photos of this litter will be posted here throughout the coming weeks….:)  This litter is spoken for, thank you puppy families!

Coming up will be Sadie’s puppies at the end of July so stay tuned for more fun puppy pics.   Have a great week!



”  Peter  ”    Wins the biggest tummy contest


”  Paul  ”   #1 Cuddle Bug


”  Mary ”    Truly is a Mama’s Girl


Have a great week everyone!  Look for more adorable photos through the coming weeks!

Sadie’s Pregnancy is Confirmed !

Hi all!  Just a quick update that Sadie is indeed pregnant and will whelp around July 22nd!  Yay!!  We are super excited about this long awaited good news and are looking forward to her beautiful puppies arriving before you know it.

Sadie’s litter list is reserved at this time until we see how many puppies will make their debut in July.  We may be opening her list at that point if we get some “surprises.”  Thank you for following Sadie/Ritchie OSL puppies along!

For now, here’s a sneak peek at one of the puppies.  Seeing their little heartbeats is amazing and such a miracle!  (The little black circle is just one baby)



A Sadie x Ritchie Cute Little Baby

Sophie x Ritchie Puppies Arrived !

Welcome to the world puppies!  Sophie delivered 3 lovely chocolate Ritchie babies through the night 6/10/20.  We were blessed with 1 girl and 2 boys and everyone is thriving and are camped out at the milk bar.  Sophie was such a trooper during the whelping and sure does love her littles.  For now since we all need a nap or two, we took just a couple quick photos with more to come over the next several weeks.  Thanks for looking!

Now this is a puppy pile!  Yes, there are 3 in there……super cute!

Searching for a Guardian Family 6/6/20

Hi all!  We SO excited to be actively looking for a very special, outstanding Guardian Family and home for our new stud muffin, Finn, who will be joining our Breeding Program!   Finn is an adorable little floof at 20 pounds who will melt your heart!   He is 6 months old and is our “Mr. McDreamy!”  If seriously interested in details, please email me at and put FINN GUARDIANSHIP in the subject line.  I’ll get back to you with more information ASAP.  (Shout out of thanks to Stef from OSL for this awesome boy!)  In the meantime, introducing our new heartthrob!


Thanks for considering our sweet boy for Guardianship!




So there’s exciting news happening as we speak at WCL with more coming very soon!  First, Sophie and Ritchie’s babies are expected around June 10.  Mama Soph is doing great, slowing down a bit these days but she’s a happy soon-to-be Mom!  She just had a very Happy Birthday yesterday with a special treat and car ride her faves!  Check her out on our Facebook page of WCL.  Sophie’s litter list is fully reserved.

Next up….our beautiful Sadie Blue honeymooned with Ritchie of OSL!  Puppies are expected in July going home late SeptemberColors include very charming Irish-spotted chocolate and white, chocolates, creams and caramels!  Coats will be allergy/asthma friendly super soft wavy with slight curl.  Perfection!!!  Large mediums to mediums expected with super fun, chill and oh so sweet temperaments and personalities.  Ritchie is a dreamy deep dark  caramel guy sure to complement Sadie in every way!  We can’t wait to see all the wonderful qualities they will bring to their puppies!!!!  Her list is open at this time with pics below.


Sadie Blue Website



Thank you for considering a puppy from us!  We will be glad to help you in your decision.  Feel free to contact me at for more information!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook at Windsor Creek Labradoodles and Instagram! 

Puppy Plans for 2020

Happy New Year from Windsor Creek Labradoodles!  Here are our exciting litters we have planned for 2020!  Sires are carefully researched to complement our beautiful girls and produce the best of the best of puppies from sound health and sweet temperaments to the just plain “adorable teddy bear” factor!  Photos of the handsome sires are courtesy of OSL.  So excited Stef for the opportunity to be working with you again this year!

To apply for one of our beautiful puppies ……..

FIRST:  Please email me your completed application found on our website of Windsor Creek Labradoodles Facepage.  Click Purchase a Puppy and click Application.  I’ll take a quick peek at it and get back to you right away.

Our litters fill quickly.  Once you’ve decided on a particular litter, have an approved application and we’ve chatted, I always suggest reserving your puppy earlier than later to best assure a puppy.  Here are our Honeymoons planned ………..


Breeding April.  Whelp June.  Puppies home August.  Sizes expected are Mediums and large Mini’s.  Colors expected Caramels and Chocolates !!!!

Ritchie is described as being super affectionate and quite the cuddle bug!  He is an absolutely stunning boy with his caramel fleece coat.  He and Sophie are sure to make gorgeous puppies!

OSL Ritchie


Our super sweet Sophie is a Registered Therapy Dog and works with patients at our local Hospital.  She’s a favorite with the nurses there who are sure to bring her treats every Wednesday!  Love her super pretty chocolate fleece coat!

Sophie 2018