Kyra x Theo Puppies Coming Soon !!

Woo hoo for the great news yesterday.  Kyra’s pregnancy ultrasound revealed a really nice litter of puppies expected to make their debut close to Christmas!  Little heartbeats were seen with some mighty active puppies kicking the day away.  Our families are SO excited!  I’m sure this awesome news makes their Christmas extra special this year as it does ours!  This litter is fully booked until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have……more details to arrive in a few short weeks.  So here is a photo of just one of her sweet babies.  Our Breeding Plans for 2018 are underway and if interested in having one of our Windsor Creek fur babies join your family, please fill in an application and e-mail to  Thanks very much and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kyra x Theo US 11 16 17

Kyra x Theo Puppy

Thanks for looking!


Pippa X Tate Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Hello all !!  I can’t believe Pippa and Tate’s babies are almost 2 weeks old this Saturday!  Our chubby little ones are quite the chow hounds and Mama Pippa the model first time Mom!  She loves on her pups constantly and whenever there’s a whimper, she is right there checking out the situation.  Their eyes are still closed and they cannot hear right now, but within about a week that will change.  Right now they reach Mama by sense of smell.  It never ceases to amaze me how strong they are at this young age and how fast they can scurry over to Pippa when hungry which is all the time of course!  🙂  It won’t be long until they are perfecting skills toddling around learning to walk.  I have got to say, we are beyond thrilled with our beautiful 7 little blessings…..from their coloring which is absolutely gorgeous, to their buttery soft coats.  It doesn’t get any better than this too, getting to snuggle and cuddle these sweet babies.  Hope you all enjoy our first photo shoot of our new arrivals.  More updates and pics will be posted in about 2 weeks or so.  We’ve posted more fun photos of this litter on our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well.  Check us out!!  Thanks for looking!


Blue Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Yellow Boy



Red Boy


No Collar Boy


Green Girl


Pink Girl

Have a great day everyone!

Welcome to the World ~ Pippa x Tate Puppies !!

Mama Pippa and Papa Tate’s puppies arrived late yesterday, 10/28, right on schedule!  We were blessed with (7) gorgeous babies, 2 girls and 5, yes 5 boys.  We have a lovely mix of colors too with one chocolate female, one chocolate male, one caramel boy and 4 beautiful iced cream/caramels!  What an epic litter of such pretty puppies……we are thrilled!!  Mama Pip is an absolute incredible Mama, being a first-time Mom and all.  She is very attentive to her babies and loves on them like there’s no tomorrow!  When the first puppy was born though, being a first timer, she looked at the puppy like, “what is this and what do I do with it?”  It was priceless!  The second pup arrived and she was a pro, too funny.  So here are first photos of our crew.  Look for more updates and pics to be posted once everyone is settled in.  We are over-the-moon about our adorable new arrivals!  Thanks for looking!


Mama and her little Loves



Proud Mama Pip


Have a great week everyone !!!





Kyra x Theo Have Honeymooned !!!

We are SO excited to announce our beautiful Kyra and handsome Theo from OSL have honeymooned!  Puppies are expected in mid-December going home in mid-February.  They will mature to about 32-40 pounds and colors we look to have are beautiful creams, rich caramels as in Daddy’s color, caramel/creams and chocolates.  Coats will be very soft wavy fleece, great for folks who may have allergy concerns.  Temperaments of these babies are sure to be just as sweet as the parents.  Theo’s owner describes him as a happy guy, always wagging his tail with lots of silly antics to entertain you!  Then there is our Kyra who is probably the smartest dog ever and is so athletic!  She runs like a gazelle!!  All these super awesome qualities this pairing will bring to their babies is why I call this our “match made in heaven!”  This litter list is full until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have.  If interested in one of these puppies, look for updates in a few short weeks!!  Thanks for your interest in our Kyra x Theo puppies!  Here are a couple photos of the parents-to-be……be still my heart !!!

MAMA  ” KYRA ”  …….

Kyra Website Pic



Kyra taken by Lois PM

PAPA ” THEO ” ….. (Photos Courtesy of Ocean State L)

Theo OS 1


Theo OS 3


Thanks for your interest in our puppies!  Our “thanks” to Stef at OSL as well for allowing us to have her handsome Theo sire our upcoming gorgeous Kyra litter!  We are beyond excited to see their awesome babies.  More details on their way soon!

Pippa x Tate Puppies Arriving Very Soon!

Good Morning all!  Here’s the latest……Pippa’s puppies are definitely on their way; we expect them to make their debut this weekend actually.  Mama Pip is doing awesome, just gearing up for her “labor day”……the puppy nursery is ready to go!  Below is an x-ray done just yesterday showing her babies.  Stay tuned for more details when our adorable puppies are finally here.  We are getting excited!!!  Have a great day everyone!

Pippa XR 10 23 17

Pippa x Tate Babies

Thanks for checking in with us!

Pippa x Tate Ultrasound ~ Pregnancy Confirmed!

Beautiful Pippa and Tate puppies are on their way!  Her ultrasound confirmed we are expecting our new arrivals at the end of this month.  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait to cuddle and spoil more puppies!  Here is just one of her babies……what a miracle!  This litter is full booked until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have.  Thanks for looking!

Pippas ultrasound 9 28 17

Pippa x Tate Puppy


Stay tuned for more news in a few weeks!!

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks Update

So we’ve been crazy busy these days at WCL with more puppies rocking and rolling!  Weaning is winding down a bit here as Zara’s puppies’ piranha-like teeth are a bit annoying to her these days, we get it girl!  🙂  Watching these pups every day with their comical antics at play is such a hoot.  You wonder where all that energy comes from but I sure wish I could tap into it!  I’m loving the sweet, cuddly personalities I see with this litter too.  Their coats are just beautiful and the mismarks of splashes of white on them make them all the more adorable.  These puppies also have some mighty excited families waiting for them to come home in a couple of weeks!  Thank you for following our puppies along over the weeks.  Next up:  Pippa and Tate puppies expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more info, please scroll down and see their update as well.   


Cream Girl ~ “Jennie Charlotte”


Green boy ~ “Charlie”


Red Boy ~ “Tugger”


Yellow Boy


Chocolate/White Girl ~ “Delilah”

Thanks again for following our Zara x Schoggi puppies along.  Next Up:  Pippa and Tate puppies are expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more information, please see the post below.  Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies!