Pippa x Tate Ultrasound ~ Pregnancy Confirmed!

Beautiful Pippa and Tate puppies are on their way!  Her ultrasound confirmed we are expecting our new arrivals at the end of this month.  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait to cuddle and spoil more puppies!  Here is just one of her babies……what a miracle!  This litter is full booked until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have.  Thanks for looking!

Pippas ultrasound 9 28 17

Pippa x Tate Puppy


Stay tuned for more news in a few weeks!!


Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks Update

So we’ve been crazy busy these days at WCL with more puppies rocking and rolling!  Weaning is winding down a bit here as Zara’s puppies’ piranha-like teeth are a bit annoying to her these days, we get it girl!  🙂  Watching these pups every day with their comical antics at play is such a hoot.  You wonder where all that energy comes from but I sure wish I could tap into it!  I’m loving the sweet, cuddly personalities I see with this litter too.  Their coats are just beautiful and the mismarks of splashes of white on them make them all the more adorable.  These puppies also have some mighty excited families waiting for them to come home in a couple of weeks!  Thank you for following our puppies along over the weeks.  Next up:  Pippa and Tate puppies expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more info, please scroll down and see their update as well.   


Cream Girl ~ “Jennie Charlotte”


Green boy ~ “Charlie”


Red Boy ~ “Tugger”


Yellow Boy


Chocolate/White Girl ~ “Delilah”

Thanks again for following our Zara x Schoggi puppies along.  Next Up:  Pippa and Tate puppies are expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more information, please see the post below.  Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies!

Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies ~ 7 Weeks Update

Our sweet Maddie and “O” puppies are starting to pack their bags anxious to meet their forever families next week.  What a fun litter of puppies these have been!  Maddie was an awesome Mama and has done a super job raising happy and healthy babies.  Our families are super excited to meet their puppy and I hear are having a blast doing some serious shopping for their new family member!  See you all very soon!  Thanks to all for watching our puppies grow up.  Next up……Pippa and Tate puppies expected soon!  For more info, please see the post below.  Thanks for your interest in our puppies!


Chocolate Boy



Caramel Girl



Chocolate Girl


Thanks again for watching us grow up!  Next up:  Pippa and Tate puppies are expected late October going home right after Christmas!!  For more information, please check our post below.  We appreciate your interest in our puppies!










Pippa x Tate ~ Have Honeymooned! Christmas Puppy Surprises ~ What fun !!

Christmas will be super special this year as our gorgeous Pippa and handsome Tate have honeymooned!  Puppies will arrive late October and go home late December.  Sizes of these pups at maturity will be around 30 or so pounds, coats will be stunning fleece in beautiful colors of chocolate, cream and cream/caramel.  Pippa and Tate are our charming doodle sweethearts, full of lovey kisses and fun, happy-go-lucky personalities!  This pairing is so perfect as they are sure to pass all these wonderful qualities onto their babies!  We are accepting applications and deposits on this much anticipated litter.  OUR PROCESS:  Please fill in application found on the homepage of our website and e-mail it to me at vickityson@comcast.net.  We’ll take a peek at it and get back to you with details.    Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming Christmas babies!!  Here are our proud parents-to-be!!


Pippa breeder good Pm 2

”  PIPPA  “


Tate ~ Blog Photo PM

”  TATE  “


Thanks for your interest in our upcoming Pippa and Tate litter !!!  Please let me know if I can help in your decision to add one of these lovely puppies to your family for Christmas !!

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

We’ve got some mighty cute pudge-muffins here at the 3-week mark!  Mama Zara is making sure her crew is well fed that’s for sure.  The pups are starting to play with some toys and their play gym, just discovering their siblings are great playmates as well!  They still do a lot of napping in between nursing, life is good they say, making for some pretty happy puppers.  We started some early housetraining and will keep working at that skill over the next several weeks.  We also trimmed their nails and though they weren’t too sure about this little event, they hung in there and did awesome with it.  Have to say though, that cuddles, snuggles and spoiling them all is the best part of our day!  Hope you all enjoy this week’s photos!


Red Boy


Green Boy


Cream Girl


Yellow Boy


Chocolate and White Girl


Thanks for looking!

Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies ~ 4 Weeks August 25th

Our 3 beautiful babies are quickly growing up!  I love to see how much they change from week to week and at times, it seems day to day.  They have started really interacting with each other now realizing play-fighting is a blast but they do it ever so gently……batting and swiping at one other’s noses or chewing on one another’s ears, so cute.  Mama Maddie plays exactly like this, she taught her babes well!  I was just thinking of all the”firsts” coming up for our pups; there is so much teach them in the short time we are raising them, to me, kind of like our human kiddos….love the journey!  Little things like grooming details started with trimming nails going well, what brave little souls, they all were so patient with it.  Housebreaking has started too and is going great, what smart little pups.  Here are some mighty adorable little faces.  Thanks for looking!



Chocolate Boy


Caramel Girl


Chocolate Girl

Have a great week everyone!






Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

There’s definitely nothing like adorable puppy pics to make one’s day and so here are our new arrivals at a week old now.  I have to say Mama Zara is raising some mighty cute and cuddly babies.  I am loving all the fun and charming white splashes of color on these puppies’ little toes,  head and chests.  Our photo shoot went well today with everyone pretty much snoozing through it all.  Hint….hint.  You have to do the pics right after they’ve nursed and have full bellies and then you are gold!  HA!  I thought these sweet pups would make great mascots for the “Fighting Camels” of Campbell University too hence our CU theme.  Our Grandson attends college there so we are of course always proudly  supporting our Camels!  Enjoy the photos!



Chocolate/White Girl


Cream Girl


Yellow Boy


Red Boy


Green Boy


Snoozing Snuggle Bugs

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!