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Kyra x Schoggi Puppies ~ 4 weeks

Love, love, love our Kyra and Schog puppies!  What a lively crew at 4 weeks now…..they are changing every day.  Mama Kyra is still nursing her babies but next week we will introduce them to puppy mush; this week it was baby cereal with milk replacer and that was a huge hit!  I’m not sure if they really ate much of the cereal or just had a blast taking a bath in it.  🙂  Oh well, that’s all part of puppy fun!  Here is our crew ready for the Fall season….in our contest, Yellow Boy won Mr. Photogenic and Black Ribbon Boy was won the stare down!!  HA!!  Thanks for taking a peek at our cutie patooties!


Yellow Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Red Boy


Blue Boy


No Collar Boy


Pink Girl

Thanks so much for looking!  All these puppies have families waiting for them !!!