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(2) More Pregnancies Confirmed !!!

It’s a go!  We are going to be crazy busy this Summer!  We just confirmed Halle’s pregnancy as well as Zara’s…..via ultrasounds today, yay!!  Both my sweet Mamas have tummies full of puppies, and both are due mid-July going home in September.  We will have some extra babies planned with this recent development.

Both my girls are doing just great, eating up a storm and getting lots of yummy treats to boot.  These puppies are sure to have double chins.  🙂

Whelping news and up-to-date information will be posted here for our families and for those who may be interested in our “extra little blessings.”  Tune in for more news arriving soon and  thanks for sharing in our excitement!!!



Lucy’s Pregnancy is Confirmed !!

Our Lucy is definitely going to be a Mama again!  Her ultrasound revealed little puppy heartbeats today; a photo of one of her babies is below.  We are thrilled to share this long-awaited news with some mighty excited puppy families!  As for Lucy herself, she’s doing great, with the exception of a little morning sickness, but we Moms know what that’s all about for sure!  She’s been getting lots of extra spoiling and special treats, and is sure loving all the attention.  Tune in for her whelping of this litter in early July, right around the corner.  Thanks for sharing in our excitement!

Lucy US 6 6 16

You sure are a cute pupper little one !!!