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Sophie Litter Update

So our future little Mommy is doing great these days!  She has now started to do a little waddle walk when she struts around, how cute is that!  Sophie is of course a Certified Therapy Dog and does weekly visits with patients at our local Hospital.  She’s however getting a bit more tired these days so she’ll be taking a brief maternity leave of absence now.  She SO looks forward to her weekly Wednesday hospital visits with her human Guardian Mom who takes her there, our Daughter-in-Law, Heidi.  The patients adore Soph and the nurses are always ready to give her hugs, belly rubs and treats.  I think they are all as excited as we are about her upcoming babies!  So my friends, stay tuned for more news and updates.  Sophie’s adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies will make their debut in early November!!  We will also post news and photos not only here but on our Windsor Creek Labradoodles Facebook page as well.  Come and check us out and thanks for following Sophie’s journey with us to becoming a Mom!!

Sophie x Grizz Pregnancy Confirmed !!

Well needless to say we are doing our happy dance here at WCL today!  Sophie is going to be a Mama in early November.  Way to go Soph and Grizz!  We are expecting a really nice litter of beautiful chocolates and perhaps chocolate sable and/or chocolate tuxedo puppies and can’t wait for them to make their debut!!  We are super excited about this very special pairing as these babies are sure to be adorable and oh so sweet!  A shout out of heartfelt thank you’s to all my puppy families who have been patiently waiting for this long awaited news!  You all are the best!  I took a photo of Sophie’s ultrasound this morning and there is a pic of one of the babies below.  See the dark circles at the top…..that’s two of the babies there!  I also will post a video of the ultrasound on my Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well.  The miracle of life will never get old….seeing those precious little heartbeats just melts my heart!  Thanks for following us along in our journey.  Stay tuned!

Sophie US x Grizz 10 1 19

Sophie x OSL Grizz ultrasound 10.1.19