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Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies Arrived !!

Our three adorable puppies from Mads and “O” arrived in the wee hours of Friday, 7/28.  We were blessed with one caramel girl, one chocolate girl and one little chocolate boy I call my “peanut pie.”  All the babies are settling in nicely and Maddie Rose is of course being her usual “super mom” self.  She is amazing!  Not wanting to disturb our puppies or Mama Maddie too much early on here, we snapped a quick photo without too much fussing over getting that perfect photo for now.  More pics and an update will follow in about a week or so to start.  Thanks for checking out our new arrivals!


Chowing down

Have a great weekend everyone !!!




Lucy x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Happy 4th everyone!  Our puppies got all festive for the Holiday so we wanted to share pics a few days early.  All I can say is wowzer for this swan song litter of Mama Lucy’s!  We hit the jackpot with these awesome beauties for Lucy’s last set of babies from their fun, charming personalities to their lovely fleece coats, all shiny, wavy and incredibly soft.  This is their week of “firsts”…….we will be super busy!  Firsts will include a car ride and visit to the vet for their well-check up, microchipping, baths……etc., etc.  Weaning is going well and they’re loving kibble.  Their needle-like teeth came in and Mama “L” said see ya kiddos!  lol.  So we now wish our sweet Lucy a “happy retirement” and thank this sweet girl for all the lovely, adorable babies she has given us.  She has blessed families with puppies to cherish for a lifetime and we all love her for it!  We are excited to say too that we will keep a very special daughter of Lucy’s to carry on her Mama’s legacy.  Can’t wait to see this little girl grow up and mirror her Mama in every way.  Thanks for taking a peek at our puppies!!!  They were just the cutest models ever!!!


Black Ribbon Girl


Pink Girl


Green Girl


Cream Boy


Red Boy

A special shout out to my favorite pic assistants today, Wyatt and Kat, who did a super job of helping Grandma with the photo shoot!  Thanks guys!