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Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Little eyes are open now!   The puppies are practicing standing and taking a few wobbly steps, not bad for 3 week old babies!  Their favorite pastime is still eating and sleeping.  By next week, they will be more steady on their feet and before you know it, they will be romping all over the whelping area.  Momma Zara is so attentive to her babies.  She wanted to get out of the nursery for a bit and spend time with us the other day (her babies were sleeping) but once she heard one of the “kids” whimper, she bolted back to see what was going on……nothing gets by her!!  Too funny!  Here are our little pudge muffins this week……growing so fast!


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


 " Stella "

” Stella “


" Jeter "

” Jeter “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


More fun ……


" Geez, these smell good !! "

” Geez, these smell good !! “



Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 7 Weeks

So first I have a shout out for our sweet Annie……You know I have so many emotions about this particular litter…….I’m thrilled for my families who are all getting an awesome puppy from our Annie but sad as I have to say goodbye to the last litter of babies she will have.  She is looking forward to her retirement of course with us though.  She will be our “Queen Bee” puppy socializer and will always be “Daddy’s special girl.!”  Thank you my sweet girl for making so many beautiful puppies for us and for making so many children and their families happy.   I’ll always remember the countless smiles and squeals of joy from so many excited kids when they first saw their new puppy!  Just priceless!  Our pups are ready to go home to their forever families next week, can’t believe the time is here.  This will be our last post of these puppies; we had a blast romping in the yard this evening!  They have been such a joy to raise, I will miss them all!  Here is our crew all ready to melt more hearts with puppy love and kisses!!  xxxooo

" Rosie " formerly Green Girl Sunny

” Rosie ” formerly Green Girl Sunny


" Stella " formerly White Ribbon Girl Lizzie

” Stella ” formerly White Ribbon Girl Lizzie


" Gracie "

” Gracie “


" Tess " formerly known as Savannah Black Ribbon Girl

” Tess ” formerly known as Savannah Black Ribbon Girl


" Healey " formerly known as Tallulah Pink Ribbon Girl

” Healey ” formerly known as Tallulah Pink Ribbon Girl


" Theo " formerly Blue Boy Samson

” Theo ” formerly Blue Boy Samson


" Moses "

” Moses “


" Nutella " formerly Yellow Boy Murphy

” Nutella ” formerly Yellow Boy Murphy

Fun with Momma Annie and the crew ……..







Thanks for watching our Annie x Schoggi puppies grow up!  All these pups have loving families waiting for them.  Emme x Tate puppies are arriving October 20th.  This litter list is FULL until we see how many puppies Emme blesses us with.  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!!

Lucy and Orion Have Honeymooned ! Christmas is Coming !!

Our long awaited news about this breeding is here!!  We are thrilled our beautiful Lucy has honeymooned with our handsome Orion!  Talk about a match made in heaven.  Puppies will be born in November and go home in January.  Side bar……for those considering a puppy as a Christmas gift, we can wrap up a photo of your puppy along with your personal message enclosed to give to the kids, etc.!  🙂  Sizes of these pups at maturity will be mediums, 30-35 pounds, colors will be gorgeous chocolates and beautiful creams with wavy, silky fleece coats. These puppies will have low dander coats as Australian multigen labradoodles are known for, great for those who may have allergy issues or just do not want dog hair all over the house!  Temperaments and personalities will be sweet, loving, athletic and just plain fun as are the parents.  A really nice feature of our breeding program is that we begin housetraining our puppies while we are raising them here; this makes the task of housetraining very easy for our puppy families to complete when their puppy goes home. We are accepting a few additional applications and deposits for this litter.  For more info, please contact me at OR feel free to call me at 717-870-0659.  I’ll be happy to help you in your decision!  Thanks so much for your interest in our Lucy and “O” puppies!

Here are our expectant parents!!!








Thanks for your interest in our Lucy x Orion litter!!!  Apps and deposits are being taken at this time.  For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or e-mail me at 

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Oh my gosh…..our Zara litter of babies are getting so fat!  It seems like I’m changing their ID ribbons daily to fit their pudgy little necks.  🙂  No wonder…..Momma Zara is feeding them non-stop….when they start to get anywhere near hungry they are hollering like crazy!!  It’s amazing how loud 5 hungry pups can get!  Their eyes are just starting to open and for now, they are a gorgeous dark blue.  It’s hard to believe how strong they are at this young age, making their way around the whelping area with ease.  Jeter was actually standing, gearing up to try walking, when I walked in the nursery this morning!   I am really loving the silky coats and blocky bodies on these pups…….then there is cuddle time with these pups…..the highlight of my day!!  Here are our puppies for this week.  Enjoy!!


" Jeter " ~ Pardon my little ear folded over....:)

” Jeter ” ~ Pardon my little ear folded over….:)


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


" Stella "

” Stella “



" Granny Annie taking a peek at her grandbabies "

” Granny Annie taking a peek at her grandbabies “


" Cuddle Bugs "

” Cuddle Bugs “



Thanks so much for following our puppies along!  These pups all have loving homes waiting for them.  Currently we are accepting apps and deposits for Lucy x Orion puppies (mediums sizes, chocolates and cream/caramels) going home in January…….our little Christmas surprises!!  For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or email an app to  I’ll review it and get back to you with details.  I’ll be happy to help in your decision.  Thanks so much for  your interest in our Australian Labradoodle puppies.


Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Our puppies are growing up super fast!!  This litter has been so much fun to raise…..they are so easy going and laid back, sweet and loving, it’s amazing; they are so much like their Daddy Schoggi mixed with the total sweetness of Momma Annie.  What a great pairing this has been!  The pups are pretty much weaned over to their dry kibble which they are loving according to their plump little bellies.  They are a hoot to watch now as they play-fight, proudly parading their toys around and playing tug-of-war.  As far as early housetraining, they are doing awesome, learning they have a special area to do their business……what smart puppies!  Here are our little munchkins this week.  We are posting a few hours early as we have an incredibly busy weekend ahead……


" Sunny "

” Sunny “


" Lizzie "

” Lizzie “


" Gracie "

” Gracie “


" Savannah "

” Savannah “


" Tallulah "

” Tallulah “


" Samson "

” Samson “


" Murphy "

” Murphy “


" Moses "

” Moses “


Puppy Fun…..

" Miss Linda checking things out "

” Miss Linda checking things out “


Thanks for looking!  We are currently accepting apps and deposits for Lucy and Orion’s adorable litter coming soon (medium size puppies, chocolates and creams with caramel markings) fun Christmas surprises, going home in January.  For details, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 or email me at  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!

Emme x Tate Ultrasound ~ Puppies are on their way!

We had some really exciting “confirming” news that Emme x Tate’s beautiful little puppies are coming very soon!  Her ultrasound revealed a nice litter of pups who will be making their debut around October 20th.  The ultrasounds are so awesome to see…….their little heartbeats were going a mile a minute!  The miracle of life is truly amazing.  Em is doing just great, still going on her walks with her “Dad” every evening, they are just a bit shorter these days.  I think she wants to keep her girly figure !  🙂  Here is her ultrasound done yesterday…….the little blackened circle is one of the babies.  So-o-o adorable.   We will post the birth announcement here and then begin weekly pictures and updates from there.  There is nothing like puppy pics to make one’s day!!  Have a great weekend everyone!


One of Em x Tate Puppies ~ US 9/17/14

One of Em x Tate Puppies ~ US 9/17/14


We are now accepting apps and deposits for gorgeous Lucy x Orion puppies (medium sizes, cream/caramel and chocolates) going home in January……our little Christmas surprises!  For more information, please feel free to call me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail your completed app at  I’ll review it and get back to you.  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!


Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

Happy one week old birthday to our Zara x Schoggi puppies!  Schoggi boy sure has been a very busy guy making beautiful puppies for us!!  To re-cap, in this litter we have 3 boys and 2 girls, one of the girls is cream and the other pups are chocolates with splashes of white, so, so adorable!  The cream girl also has a cute little strip of white on her head as well.  Zara is being a great Momma for being a first timer!  She constantly dotes over her babies, so precious.  Her milk bar is always open so her babies are already pudge muffins, seeming to gain weight by the minute.   In about a week or so the puppies’ eyes will be open and they will be able to hear.  For now, they find their Momma by scent and they do it at record speed when they’re hungry!  Their main job now is eating and sleeping, 24/7.  Not a bad  job to have right!  Here’s our first individual photo shoot……..have a great week everyone!  All these puppies having loving families waiting for them.


Chocolate/White No Collar Girl ~ " Stella "

Chocolate/White No Collar Girl ~ ” Stella “


Green Chocolate Boy ~ " Charlie "

Green Chocolate Boy ~ ” Charlie “



Yellow Chocolate Boy ~ " Jackson "

Yellow Chocolate Boy ~ ” Jackson “


Blue Chocolate Boy ~ " Jeter "

Blue Chocolate Boy ~ ” Jeter “


Red Cream Girl ~ " Jilly "

Red Cream Girl ~ ” Jilly “


Extra Fun ………………

" Cuddle bugs "

” Cuddle bugs “


" Love my dot !! "

” Love my dot !! “


" Momma and us "

” Momma and us “


Thanks for looking!  Breaking news……we are honeymooning our Lucy and Orion……Christmas puppy surprises arriving November and going home in January!!  Accepting apps and deposits…..For more info, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659 OR e-mail at