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Em x Tate Puppies ~ 1 Week

Happy one week old birthday to our sweet Em and Tate puppies!  All is well here…..everyone is settling in nicely and Em is being “super Mom!”  The crew has camped out at the milk bar and eating and sleeping is what they do best.  They are a happy, content little group.  Mama Em takes her job very seriously, checking out every whimper her babies may occasionally make.  Their eyes will open in about a week and a half.  Right now they cannot hear or see so they find Em via her scent.  Mother Nature is very clever!  Here are our little munchkins their first week.  What can you say but “puppy love….”  Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals!  Love their little tongues hanging out while they snooze……:)


" Blue Chocolate Boy"

” Blue Chocolate Boy”


" Red Chocolate Girl "

” Red Chocolate Girl “


" Green Chocolate Boy "

” Green Chocolate Boy “


" Yellow Cream Boy "

” Yellow Cream Boy “


" Black Ribbon Cream/Caramel Boy "

” Black Ribbon Cream/Caramel Boy “


" No Collar Chocolate Girl "

” No Collar Chocolate Girl “



" Ouch !! "

” Ouch !! “


Mama Em found some "extra" kids to add to her collection!

Mama Em found some “extra” kids to add to her collection!


Hope you enjoyed our first photo session for Em and Tate puppies!  Happy Halloween everyone!!  🙂


Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 7 weeks

I can’t believe this will be the last post of this precious litter!  We are going to miss our sweet puppies as they have been so much fun to raise!  The personalities of these pups are phenomenal, so affectionate and “kissy.”  They are very much ready for their homes now, ready for more snuggles and love from their new family.  Zara has pretty much finished nursing her babies as they have a mouth full of sharp teeth, not much fun for Mama Z anymore!  She has done a great job with her babies, we are so proud of our girl.  Here is the crew, all festive for Halloween and ready to see their new families next week.  I had two adorable collars to wear on them and couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I posted both!  Thanks to all who have watched our puppies grow up.  Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!  🙂

" Stella " Retained by WCL

” Stella ” Retained by WCL


" Stella "

” Stella “


" Marsie " formerly Red Girl Jilly

” Marsie ” formerly Red Girl Jilly


" Marsie "

” Marsie “


" Bodie " formerly known as Blue Boy Jeter

” Bodie ” formerly known as Blue Boy Jeter


" Bodie "

” Bodie “


" Baxter " formerly known as Yellow Boy Jackson

” Baxter ” formerly known as Yellow Boy Jackson


" Baxter "

” Baxter “


" Charlie " Green Boy

” Charlie ” Green Boy


Green Boy " Charlie "

Green Boy ” Charlie “


Thanks again for watching us grow up here at WCL!  More litter are being planned…….:)


Lucy x Orion Puppies ~ Pregnancy Confirmed !!

We had some awesome news today!  Lucy’s pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound.  Woo hoo!!  She is expecting her puppies to make their debut on November 21st, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Lucy and “O” babies will have gorgeous fleece coats that feel like crushed velvet!   We expect some very pretty chocolates and creams.  We have posted her ultrasound pic below.  Look at the top area of the photo to see one of the puppies.  Mother Nature is truly amazing!  We are so excited and feel very blessed…..way to go Lucy and Orion!!


Lucy x "O" Puppy

Lucy x “O” Puppy


Our Halle will honeymoon with Orion very soon…….stay tuned!!  🙂

Emme x Tate Puppies ~ Born today, 10/22/14 !!

Six beautiful Em and Tate puppies made their debut early this morning!  We have 4 boys and 2 girls, one cream, one caramel and 4 chocolates……a rainbow of gorgeous colors.  Em is being a great Mama, and is so attentive to her babies.  Her labor started early yesterday and the first pup was born around 6 a.m. today, so needless to say, Em and I are ready for a good night’s sleep!  🙂  A shout out of thanks to Nana RJ, Em’s lovely guardian Mom, for being so kind to help us whelp this litter.  It was really nice having an extra set of hands to help dry off puppies, weigh and I.D. them!  Here is a group photo for now.  Look for more pics to be posted in a few days or so, once we re-group.  Thanks for checking out our new arrivals!


Settling in .....

Settling in …..


Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

I am really enjoying this awesome litter of Zara x Schog babies!  They all have very unique little personalities developing now, but baseline, they are all very, very sweet pups who love their cuddles and kisses from us.  Weaning is going great; they are getting the hang of dry kibble probably quicker than any other litter I’ve had.  They also nurse yet, but Mama Zara is enjoying winding down with that a bit these days.  The coats of this litter are absolutely amazing and the colors of the chocolate pups are so dark they look black in photos.  Here are our little munchkins for this week.  They look like they were grumpy but it was almost time for a nap so maybe they were just all tuckered out…..:)

" Charlie "

” Charlie “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


" Jeter "

” Jeter “


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


" Stella "

” Stella “


Thanks so much for watching our pups grow up!  All these puppies have forever homes anxiously awaiting them.  We are taking an additional application and deposit for a little extra surprise puppy from our Emme and Tate litter arriving early this week.  For more details, please first fill in an application, e-mail it to me and I’ll review it.  I’ll then contact you with more information.  For any further help in your decision, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659.  Thanks!



Emme x Tate Pregnancy Update

Em is getting closer to her delivery date now, 10/20/14, right around the corner!  We had her pregnancy x-ray taken today and were surprised to see we have an extra little blessing who will make their debut.  Em is doing very well these days, has a huge belly, and no wonder, her guardian Mom tells me Mama Em is enjoying eating everything in sight!  She normally does daily walks with her Dad but has given them up for a bit until after she whelps her puppies and has gotten some of her girlish figure back.  Look for the birth announcement next week!  We are so excited to see all our new arrivals……:)  We will post on our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well if you want to take a peek there at more information!

Count the little heads…….

Em x Tate Pregnancy X-ray ~ Litter Due 10/20/14

Em x Tate Pregnancy X-ray ~ Litter Due 10/20/14


Thanks for looking!  More litters planned…..for details, please call Vicki at (717)-870-0659 or e-mail at  🙂

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

We have 5, beautiful, five-week old babies who are rocking and rolling now!  Talk about lovey puppies…..OMG…..these pups are so sweet!  Puppy play time, cuddles and snuggles with my babies…….the best part of my day with this crew.  The latest news…..they have a lot of their teeth in already so we started them right on softened kibble and they said, yum to that!!  Zara is still nursing her babies but it is less frequent and everyone is happy with that plan.  🙂  Here are our pudge muffins…….we are posting a day early this week as we are getting ready for the arrival of Emme’s puppies very soon!  Oh, guess who gets the “model of the week” award!!  Stella girl, you are such a show off!!!!   lol


" Stella "

” Stella “


" Jilly "

” Jilly “


" Jeter "

” Jeter “


" Jackson "

” Jackson “


" Charlie "

” Charlie “


More sweetness ……….

" Just chillin "

” Just chillin “


" Checking things out "

” Checking things out “


" Grumpy pants "

” Grumpy pants “


All these puppies have loving homes waiting for them.  For details on availability, please call Vicki at 717-870-0659.  Thanks much!