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The Latest ……..

Currently we are taking deposits on puppies due to go to their forever homes in March of 2010.  If interested in more information, please e-mail me at or give us a call.  Thank you for your interest in our puppies!

Meggie’s puppies went home on Saturday so things are a bit quiet  right now until at least January.  We have retained a beautiful chocolate girl, Bella, who we hope will one day join our breeding program.  Bella currently resides with her lovely guardian parents, the Patmore family.  We’re also hoping our Annie, seen in the margin of our blog here, will join our program as well at some point.  Annie lives with us as Walt couldn’t bear to part with her! 

A huge thank you goes out to all our Meggie puppy families who have been so wonderful to work with over the last few months and have provided our puppies with loving homes.  We wish  you many years of happiness and joy with your new family member.  We’d also like to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

6 weeks old !!

Our puppies are growing up so quickly now!  They had their first adventure at our vet’s office for their health check up and all received A+’s on their report cards.  They were then microchipped and had their first rounds of vaccines!  Whew!  What a day!  Everyone was so brave and of course got lots of cuddles from the staff so I guess it was all worth it.  This is a picture of them looking like little prisoners planning the “big escape” while I’m tidying up their room! 


Weaning has begun!

Weaning from mum has started and they’re lovin’ their kibble as you can see!  Meggie’s slowly decreasing her nursing duties but is still definitely a doting mama.   We’ve started to housetrain the crew as well and with the exception of an accident here and there, early on, we think they’re doing fantastic!  Smart puppies!!!!