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Sadie & Tate’s Puppy Palooza !

OH MY GOSH!  Sadie’s pregnancy x-ray this morning revealed a whole lot of Australian labradoodle puppies on their way this weekend!  Woo Hoo!!  The nursery is just about ready for our new arrivals who will be here before you know it!  Mama-to-beSadie is as big as a tank and is just SO ready for her babies to make their debut.  Puppies will mature to around 35-40 pounds, colors expected are iced caramel, creams and yummy dark chocolates with splashes of white on wavy to slight curl fleece coats.  A-dorable!  Best of all, they will have lovely fun temperaments and personalities, just like their parents.  We are SO excited and are now opening her list to accommodate (2) more families looking for their forever fur baby!  For details, please contact me at  What a fun and super Christmas surprise these puppies will be for some great families!!  Thanks for your interest in our beautiful babies coming VERY soon!  🙂  Here’s our x-ray picture!!

Sadie Blue x Tate XR 10 22 2018

Puppies, puppies and more puppies !!! 

Extra “surprises” are on their way…..our list has been opened for only (2) more puppy reservations! 


Sadie Blue x Tate Have Honeymooned! Christmas Puppies !!!

Thinking of the BEST Christmas gift ever???……..Get ready for some puppy cuteness overload with this pairing!  Sadie Blue and Tate pups are sure to be stunning AND just in time for Christmas!  Puppies are due in October and will go home late December.  Sizes when mature will be mediums, 35-40 pounds and colors will be gorgeous chocolates with splashes of white, iced caramels and creams.  Our Sadie B has a unique color called “Irish Spotting,” SO pretty!!  Coats will be fabulous fleece and oh, did I say how sweet and fun these pups will be! Both parents are absolute loves, have very “chill” personalities, are fun and so smart!  We are accepting (2) more applications and deposits for this litter at this time.  The first step is to fill in an application found on the homepage of our site, e-mail it to me at and I’ll call you with details.  Need a “puppy fix” before you receive your own puppy??? Check our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles where we have tons of adorable videos and photos of past puppies and current litters.  Here a couple photos of gorgeous Sadie Blue and our handsome Tate!  Thank you for your interest in our upcoming puppies!

Sadie Blue Website

Tate ~ Blog Photo PM

We are super excited about this pairing!  Have a great weekend everyone !!  🙂


Kyra x Chewy Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

What an awesome litter of happy and adorable puppers we have at 6 weeks old now!  Everyone’s unique little personality has made its debut and oh my gosh, what fun babies they are!!  I can’t believe in just a few weeks they’ll be packing their bags heading to their families who are SO anxious to meet them!  Incredibly smart in early housetraining skills, they are now learning to get comfy in their crates which is so important.  Here are our babies this week……be still my heart!!!!  Thanks for watching our puppies grow!



Walter ~ Iced Caramel


Kit Kat ~ Chocolate/White



Steve ~ Chocolate/White Parti



Dottie ~ Chocolate/White Parti


Jelly Belly ~ Chocolate/White



Claire ~ Caramel and White Parti

Update on Hazel !!

Hazel has found her forever family!  Yay!!   Thanks everyone for your interest in this sweet girl.  Her owner, Noel, and I really appreciate all the info and contacts we’ve had.  You all are the BEST!  Have a great week all!


Attention all Doodle Lovers !! Sweet Hazel’s searching for her new forever home!

Calling all doodle lovers!!  What a great opportunity is immediately available for a loving family!!  We were contacted by a former puppy family who asked us to help re-home her sweet doodle.  Hazel is a beautiful Australian Labradoodle whose owner’s work hours have changed so that she had to make a heartbreaking decision to rehome her best friend.  This is the right decision for lovebug Hazel albeit not an easy one we know.  Hazel would do great in a loving family who can give her the time and attention she needs and she will shine!  Her owner tells me she loves children and would do awesome in a home with another dog as a good buddy.  Hazel is sweet and fun as can be, is very loving and adores being around people….this is where she does best.  She is 4 1/2 years old, is the perfect size at 30 pounds and is up-to-date on her vaccinations.  She is quite the showstopper too!!  Her coat is very pretty fleece being parchment in color with dark chocolate ears!!   She is housebroken.  She has some separation anxiety when Noel leaves, but my feeling is that once she is homed in a family who can give her lots of time and attention on a daily basis, she’ll do just great!!!!  Someone who spends time at home in other words would be absolutely perfect for her!!!  Noel just wants her to find an outstanding loving, responsible family for Hazel to forever become a part of, so she is not asking a fee for her.

I know there is a perfect someone, a perfect family out there for this lovely girl.  If you think it might be you, please contact me at or feel free to call me at 717-870-0659 for more details in how to contact the owner.  Thanks so much for taking a peek at adorable Hazel girl!  Here are a couple of photos!  Her soulful eyes say it all!!!


Hazel 1

Sweet girl Hazel ~ We love your eyes !!


hazel 2

We love you Hazel !!

Kyra x Chewy Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

There is definite cuteness overload going on here friends!!  So this is absolutely my favorite week for puppies!!  Eyes are open and they are walking pretty well with only an occasional “barrel roll” when they try to scurry along too fast to the milk bar.  Too funny!  We added their little jungle gym and some fun toys in the nursery and it seems they voted Lamb Chop as their preferred snuggle stuffie.  🙂  Mama Kyra is being a great Mom of course but gets a little anxious when we trim her puppies’ nails.  The pups do well with it, it’s just that Mama gets a bit nervous but that’s what Mom’s do I guess.  🙂  Here is our recent puppy photo shoot.  They were troopers!  More updates soon…..Enjoy!



Kit Kat


Jelly Belly











Update on Kyra’s available little girl …

So we’ve found a lovely forever home for the one little girl puppy to be available from Kyra’s current litter.  I just adore these folks!  They are actually a former puppy family of ours who were looking to add another one of our pups to their current pack!  How cool is that!  At any rate, just wanted to do a quick update today.  Thanks to all who contacted me about our sweet baby girl.  More litters are in the works even as we speak!!

Have a great day everyone!!!  🙂