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Sophie x Grizz Puppies ~ One Week

Happy one week birthday puppies!  Our beautiful chocolate babies are all settled in and doing what they do best…….eat, sleep and repeat!  What a life!  Momma Sophie is busy with her nursing duties and is very aware of her babies’ every need.  Their eyes will open over the next week or so and they’ll be able to hear as well.  Right now they find their Mom via sent.  They are incredibly strong little guys and girl and although not walking yet, manage to scurry to the milk bar at warp speed when it’s time to eat.  Our first formal photo shoot went really well today.  Just for fun, we had a “theme” for this litter and that is Sophie and Grizz’s “Love Litter.” A huge shout out of thanks to Sophie’s guardian Mom, Heidi, my D-I-L, for all her help today in photographing these babies.  We had a lot of fun herding babies around……what a hoot!  Definitely a two-person job with squirmy littles to control while taking a nice photo, but mission accomplished today!  Hope you all enjoy our first pics with more to come over the next several weeks.  Thanks for looking and following us on our journey growing up at Windsor Creek!

IMG_0851 Red Boy

Red Boy ~ “Bliss”

IMG_0847-Yellow Boy

Yellow Boy  ~  “Hugs


Pink Girl  ~  “Joy”

IMG_0817-Green Boy

Green Boy  ~  “Cherish”

IMG_0811-Purple Boy

Purple Boy  ~  “Kisses”

IMG_0807-Blue Boy

Welcome to the World Sophie x Grizz Puppies !!

We had a bit of an early surprise from Sophie when she whelped her six littles today!  The stats are……5 boys and 1 girl.  Baby girl better be ready to take on 5 brothers!  lol…..Yikes!  So Soph was actually due to deliver on Monday, but I guess she decided enough already with this pregnancy thing, I’m going to get things rolling and have my babies this weekend!  The nursery was ready and we were too, so everything worked out perfectly!  Sophie is an amazing first time Mom, very loving and sweet with her puppies.  The pups are gorgeous chunky little monkeys and are all settled in nicely throughout the day today, very content to nurse and snuggle with their Mom.  Grizz from OSL and Sophie outdid themselves with these babies.  They are stunning already with their unique shades of chocolate, silky shiny coats and charming splashes of white on their chests.  Individual photos over the next day or so will be posted once we all “re-group” from being up all night waiting for our new arrivals.  Whew…..but I must say this was one of the easiest whelps I’ve ever done in 15 years and a day time delivery to finish to boot!  Yay!!!  Simply amazing!  We will also post more fun photos not only here, but also on our FB page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as we move through the weeks here watching our loves grow up!  Thanks for looking and we hope you enjoy our baby picture.  Yep, there are 6 in the puppy pile….:)  Congrats to all our lovely puppy families!!


Newborns  ~  Sophie x Grizz Babies   ~  11.2.19

Sophie Litter Update

So our future little Mommy is doing great these days!  She has now started to do a little waddle walk when she struts around, how cute is that!  Sophie is of course a Certified Therapy Dog and does weekly visits with patients at our local Hospital.  She’s however getting a bit more tired these days so she’ll be taking a brief maternity leave of absence now.  She SO looks forward to her weekly Wednesday hospital visits with her human Guardian Mom who takes her there, our Daughter-in-Law, Heidi.  The patients adore Soph and the nurses are always ready to give her hugs, belly rubs and treats.  I think they are all as excited as we are about her upcoming babies!  So my friends, stay tuned for more news and updates.  Sophie’s adorable Australian Labradoodle puppies will make their debut in early November!!  We will also post news and photos not only here but on our Windsor Creek Labradoodles Facebook page as well.  Come and check us out and thanks for following Sophie’s journey with us to becoming a Mom!!

Sophie x Grizz Pregnancy Confirmed !!

Well needless to say we are doing our happy dance here at WCL today!  Sophie is going to be a Mama in early November.  Way to go Soph and Grizz!  We are expecting a really nice litter of beautiful chocolates and perhaps chocolate sable and/or chocolate tuxedo puppies and can’t wait for them to make their debut!!  We are super excited about this very special pairing as these babies are sure to be adorable and oh so sweet!  A shout out of heartfelt thank you’s to all my puppy families who have been patiently waiting for this long awaited news!  You all are the best!  I took a photo of Sophie’s ultrasound this morning and there is a pic of one of the babies below.  See the dark circles at the top…..that’s two of the babies there!  I also will post a video of the ultrasound on my Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well.  The miracle of life will never get old….seeing those precious little heartbeats just melts my heart!  Thanks for following us along in our journey.  Stay tuned!

Sophie US x Grizz 10 1 19

Sophie x OSL Grizz ultrasound 10.1.19

Sophie x Grizz have Honeymooned !!

Hi puppy folks…..NEWS FLASH FROM WINDSOR CREEK !!!  Our beautiful Sophie and Grizz from OSL have honeymooned!!  Woo hoo!!!  So when I planned this litter, I wanted the perfect boy to complement my Soph, who has a very mellow, gentle and sweet natured temperament and is a Certified Therapy Dog……..I carefully searched for quite some time until I discovered Grizz.  When I finally made my decision, we said “road trip” we have to meet this guy and traveled to Rhode Island to see him in person and wowser!!!!  This awesome boy did not disappoint!!  He is simply dreamy with his chocolate sable super soft fleece coat to his very sweet, fun personality!  His coat color is completely unique.  The best way I can describe it is that it appears a dark caramel color to a dark cinnamon although he is chocolate!!  I am over-the-moon happy with our choice in Grizz and can’t wait to see their gorgeous puppies!  Sophie’s ultrasound will be done in early October, puppies are expected in November and will go to their forever homes right after the New Year.  These pups will be large minis and small mediums.  As for colors….we expect beautiful chocolates, perhaps parti’s, chocolate sables or chocolate tuxedos (white splashes)……a stunning array of color possibilities for sure!  If interested in having a sweet little puppy from this litter join your family, we are accepting applications e-mailed to as the first step in our process.  If you’d like to chat with me, please call me at (717-870-0659.)  I’ll be happy to help in your decision!  Photos of our lovely puppy pawrents are below!  🙂  Thank you for considering an adorable Windsor Creek Labradoodle Sophie and Grizz puppy!

”  SOPHIE  “


”  GRIZZ  “

Grizz 1

Grizz 2

The faces of love ………. be still my heart !!!! 

Kyra x Chewy Puppies ~ Planning Pairing This Week!!!

So yes….the Parti is on!!  We are super excited to announce the repeat pairing of our beautiful Kyra and handsome Chewy from OSL this week.  Our decision to breed these two awesome Australian Labradoodles again was something I had thought about since last year!  Those babies from their last litter were absolutely stunning as you can see below.  Their markings were so fun and just plain gorgeous from our little chocolate moustache guy to a little girl with a huge heart marking and chocolate dots down her back!  OMG!  Their little personalities were so sweet and what smart little puppies, so easily trained!!  This litter is planned to be whelped in October and go home is December.  Christmas puppies!!!  Woo hooSizes will be mini’s and small mediums with allergy friendly incredibly soft fleece coats!  For more details, please e-mail me at  Thanks so much for considering a new family member and joining our WCL families !!   

Here are their former babies ….. Oo-la-la !!!! 







Chewy OSL 4



Kyra Website Pic


Sadie Blue x Tucker Honeymooned !!

Ok, we have to stop the presses folks!  I am so excited to announce we have paired Sadie Blue and Tucker from OSL for a spectacular litter of allergy friendly Australian Labradoodle puppies!  Pups are expected mid-September and are to go home having their Gotcha Day in mid-November.  Colors will be parti’s, chocolate white, caramels and white and some Irish-spotted puppies like Mama Sadie SO beautiful!  I’m betting on pups with some mighty charming white splashes in general and definite fun little white paws. 🙂  Tucker boy is a stunning dark, dark caramel boy and his breeder best describes him as having a “floppy, fun and marshmallow personality,” what an awesome boy!  Our Sadie Blue is the sweetest Mama ever and perhaps the most chilled, laid back doodle on the planet.  She is personality plus, knowing no stranger and adores kiddos!  She hails from therapy dog lines as well which we are very proud of.  This litter list is now open and is sure to fill quickly.  For details please email me at or call at 717-870-0659. 

Puppy Parents ~

Tucker #3 OSL

Daddy “Tucker” photo courtesy of OSL

Sadie Blue Website

Mama “Sadie Blue

Thanks so much for considering a Sadie Blue x Tucker puppy from us at Windsor Creek Labradoodles!  We would be happy to help in your decision for a new family member!!