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Sophie x Grizz have Honeymooned !!

Hi puppy folks…..NEWS FLASH FROM WINDSOR CREEK !!!  Our beautiful Sophie and Grizz from OSL have honeymooned!!  Woo hoo!!!  So when I planned this litter, I wanted the perfect boy to complement my Soph, who has a very mellow, gentle and sweet natured temperament and is a Certified Therapy Dog……..I carefully searched for quite some time until I discovered Grizz.  When I finally made my decision, we said “road trip” we have to meet this guy and traveled to Rhode Island to see him in person and wowser!!!!  This awesome boy did not disappoint!!  He is simply dreamy with his chocolate sable super soft fleece coat to his very sweet, fun personality!  His coat color is completely unique.  The best way I can describe it is that it appears a dark caramel color to a dark cinnamon although he is chocolate!!  I am over-the-moon happy with our choice in Grizz and can’t wait to see their gorgeous puppies!  Sophie’s ultrasound will be done in early October, puppies are expected in November and will go to their forever homes right after the New Year.  These pups will be large minis and small mediums.  As for colors….we expect beautiful chocolates, perhaps parti’s, chocolate sables or chocolate tuxedos (white splashes)……a stunning array of color possibilities for sure!  If interested in having a sweet little puppy from this litter join your family, we are accepting applications e-mailed to as the first step in our process.  If you’d like to chat with me, please call me at (717-870-0659.)  I’ll be happy to help in your decision!  Photos of our lovely puppy pawrents are below!  🙂  Thank you for considering an adorable Windsor Creek Labradoodle Sophie and Grizz puppy!

”  SOPHIE  “


”  GRIZZ  “

Grizz 1

Grizz 2

The faces of love ………. be still my heart !!!!