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Annie x Vince Puppies ~ One Week Old

Happy 1st week birthday to our sweet little babies!  Annie is such a calm, loving and doting mama!  The puppies are very content just to saddle up to the milk bar, camp out there for a bit, sleep for a while and do it all over again in a couple of hours round the clock!  What a life!  🙂

We’ve started using the Super Dog Program of exercises with the puppies and cuddle them all the time, getting them used to human touch early on in their development.  Their eyes will open in a week or so.  Their ear canals will open in a couple of weeks as well so they will be able to hear at that point.  Right now we’re playing soft classical music for Annie to enjoy while she nurses her pups!  The entire puppy nursery is very serene and calming….kind of like a puppy day spa atmosphere….)  When the puppies can hear in a few weeks, we’ll have them listening to a special CD that contains all kinds of inside and outside “noises” they’ll encounter as a puppy such as vacuum cleaners, pots and pans clanging, dishwashers, cars, horns, airplanes, etc..  This helps prepare them for what they’ll experience when they go home to their families!

Hope everyone has a happy July 4th weekend!  Thanks for taking a peek at our precious new arrivals!!  🙂

Pink Girl

Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Dark Green Boy

Light Green Girl

Black Ribbon Boy

Here are some more cute pictures of our crew…..

Taking a snooze after nursing....

Brother makes a nice head-rest!

Mama Annie getting "Patriotic"

Three snuggly doodles

Planning an "escape" from the photo session we think...

Annie x Vincent Puppies Arrived June 20th !!!

Here’s the Daily Doodle News…….finally…….our beautiful Annie/Vincent puppies arrived yesterday a day late!  Annie went into labor Sunday and our first puppy arrived Monday 6/20 at 11:20 a.m..  We finished with the last pup at 2:48 p.m.  Whew!  We were ALL pretty exhausted but the wait was so-o-o worth it.  We got our second wind today so we did our first photo session!  We were blessed with a total of 6 puppies, 2 gorgeous girls and 4 adorable little boys!  Colors are rich caramels and some iced caramels, just what we expected!  Annie’s an awesome mama!  She doesn’t like to leave the whelping box if she can help it, so we’re offering  her “catering” service taking her food and water to her. 🙂  If she hears any little whimper from her babies, she’s right there to check it all out!  Great job Annie!!!!

We hope you enjoy our first pics of Annie’s babies……Each week they’ll start looking more like “puppies” but there’s surely nothing like a newborn pup to touch your heart and soul !!  We will post pictures and updates weekly so stay tuned!!!   Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals ~

Please meet our six beautiful babes …….

Pink Girl

Blue Boy

Yellow Boy

Dark Green Boy

Light Green Girl

Black Ribbon Boy

The milk bar's open !!!

"Catering service to mama Annie !!"

Our Mattie’s First Boat Ride !!!

Okay……. how CUTE is this!!!  Mattie is one of Daisy and Cooper’s puppies who went home to her family a few weeks ago.  They just sent me an awesome picture of her very first boat ride that I wanted to share.   It looks like she’s having an absolute blast on the bay.  Check out that fancy life-jacket too!

Have a fun summer Mattie.  We miss you love!   Next you’ll be surfing !!……:)

"Mattie on her very first boat ride !!"



Annie’s Puppies ~ Nursery Preparations

Okay, here we are on Thursday, June 16th, counting down to delivery day for Annie’s puppies!  Mama Annie is doing pretty well considering that huge tummy she’s carrying around these days!  We’re busy preparing our nursery and actually finished it today.  I think it’s so adorable…..I had to share some photos.  While I was cleaning and organizing things today, I was playing some Classical Lullaby music that I’ll play for our puppies when they arrive.   Now we just need the babies to fill the nursery with puppy chatter !!!   We’re all getting so excited anticipating this beautiful litter of babies very soon!  Stay tuned for our birth announcement!! 🙂  Thanks for taking a tour of our puppy doodle nursery!!!

Our Cozy Little Whelping Area


All Our Necessary Supplies ~ Love To Be Organized !!


Check Out the Ceiling Border ~ Oh So Cute !!!

Daisy Puppies ~ 8 Week’s Old

Homecoming is here!!!  This is our most exciting week yet in the journey of Daisy’s final litter.  All our puppies are going home to such wonderful families.  Our house has suddenly gotten very quiet again without puppy chatter, at least for a few weeks.   We’re expecting Annie’s beautiful litter around Father’s Day though so we’ll be back on track snuggling and loving more babies.

We were really blessed with these puppies having such beautiful fleece coats and sweet personalities.  Needless to say, we’re super proud of them all!  It was so darn cute to see how excited the puppies were to meet their new families with all the kisses they were giving to everyone!  I’m really going to miss my precious pups, they were a comical crew and such a pleasure to raise.  It’s great knowing they’re going to wonderful homes where they’ll continue to be loved and spoiled 🙂  Our families are really so nice, keeping in touch with me with updates and pictures which are priceless, and I so appreciate that.   It’s really fun seeing the pups as they grow up in their new homes and hearing what their new adventures have been.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all my puppy families for having had the pleasure of working with them.  I’m wishing everyone much happiness, fun and years of loving companionship with their new family member!

This week we’ve combined the puppies’ 8 week-old pictures with their “going home” photos taken with their new families.  Talk about excitement, joy and mutual love at first sight!!! ….Have a great week everyone!  If wanting to take a peek at more puppies from us…..Annie x Vincent’s litter is right around the corner!!!  🙂

Here we are with our new families !!!

Finnegan Dwyer


Bernie D'Avella

Flynn DiDonato

Stella Prasad

Cooper Cybulski

Mattie McGrath

Ella McAuley