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More Honeymoons ~ Done !!

NEWS FLASH !!!  Love is truly in the air here at Windsor Creek!  Our Halle finished her honeymoon with Tate and Zara has honeymooned with Schoggi and as posted, Lucy and Schoggi did so a couple weeks ago.  Whew!!  We are going to be very busy folks this Summer to say the least.  We are anticipating a lot of little puppies rocking and rolling around the Tyson household in early and mid-July.  Lucy’s puppies are due around July 1st and Halle and Zara’s are due July 15th and 16th respectively.  Go home for these litters will be in September.  We may have some openings on these lists depending on how many puppies we are blessed to have as well.  Tune in for information to unfold in a few more weeks!  If interested in more information about our upcoming litters, please e-mail me at  Thank you for considering us as your breeder!!!

Lucy and Schoggi have Honeymooned !

Hi All ~  Woo-hoo for some exciting news we have to share with you all!  We have just finished up sweet Lucy and Schog’s honeymoon.  Yay!!!  All went well, and now we’re planning an ultrasound in about a month to confirm her pregnancy!  We expect her little darlings to appear in early July.  A big shout out of thanks to all our ever-patient puppy families for waiting for this great news to arrive.  Look for more announcements posted here over the next several weeks…..I can’t tell you how thrilled we are about having more puppies to love on and spoil! 

We have more of our beautiful girls we are breeding soon; if interested in a Windsor Creek Labradoodle puppy, the first step in our process is to please fill in an application, e-mail it to me at, I’ll review and get back to you with details.  Thanks so much for considering us as your breeder!!