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We simply couldn’t wait to share the news announcing the honeymoon of our Daisy and Sir Cooper of Southern Charm Labradoodles.  This is such an amazing pairing of two beautiful Australian multigen labradoodles.  We’re particularly excited about this upcoming litter!!   Their PHOTOS are below. 

These gorgeous medium size puppies will finish at around 35-40 pounds as adults.  We expect awesome fleece coats in this litter and a rainbow of colors to include rich creams, chocolates and midnight blacks.  They will be born in April and go home in the beautiful Spring time month of June!

Daisy is a very pretty parchment color and she’s an absolute loving, sweet and gentle-natured girl!   Carol best describes her Cooper as a very smart and athletic boy having a calm personality, very loving of his family.   He carries a spectacular cream/apricot fleece coat that feels amazingly soft, just like silk!  This Daisy/Cooper pairing is truly a match made in heaven!!!  🙂

Our thanks to Carol for allowing us Cooper as sire to Daisy’s grand finale’ litter.

If interested in reserving a puppy from us, please contact me at or call at 717-870-0659 for information.  Thank you for your interest in our Daisy/Cooper Spring 2011 litter !!!   Now for photos of our happy couple ~


Windsor Creek Daisy


Sir Cooper ~ Photo Courtesy of Southern Charm Labradoodles



Annie’s Puppies’ Homecoming ~ January 22, 2011

Congrats to all our wonderful families who received their “Annie” puppy yesterday!  It was an exciting day to be sure, sort of Christmas Day all over again!  🙂 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some really awesome folks in this first litter of Annie’s.  We know they will provide loving, responsible forever homes for our pups so that made it a bit easier yesterday to say goodbye to them all.  Annie did a fab job with these puppies, kudos to her!

We’re wishing our new families years of joy and fun to cherish with their new puppy and we look forward to following this litter as they grow up!

Our upcoming announcement of our Spring and Summer litters will be made very soon!  If interested in more information at this time, please e-mail me at or call at 717-870-0659.  Many thanks for your interest in our puppies!

Annie’s Puppies ~ 7 Weeks

Hi everyone!  Here we are at the 7-week mark already winding down with Annie’s beautiful litter of puppies going home next weekend.  All our puppies have forever loving homes waiting for them!  These puppies have been such a joy to raise and although I will miss each one of them, they are ready to join their new families and continue their journey through puppyhood there.

Our crew is happy, healthy and acting like  “Energizer Bunnies”, they keep going and going,  playing and wrestling with one another non-stop.  There’s kind of an excitement in the air for them.  I think they secretly know they’ll be leaving us soon to join their new families.  We have decided to retain green girl, now known as Emmeline, aka “Emme” to hopefully one day join our breeding program once she’s passed her health testing.  We’ve found a lovely guardian family for her whom I know are going to love and spoil her to pieces!  🙂

It’s been a busy week here, having them get their first vaccines done and wellness exam with our vet.  They all received “A+’s” on their health report card.  Yeah!!!   Each pup was very brave and there wasn’t too much “drama” with the injections, however, by the time we got home though, everyone was ready for a nap to re-group….that definitely didn’t last long though!!  🙂

We sure have been very blessed with absolutely stunning puppies from this breeding pair of Annie and Xander, from their silky fleece coats to their unbelievebly sweet and loving temperaments!  I just wanted to also thank all our wonderful families whom I’ve enjoyed working with and whom I’m sure will love, spoil and cherish their pups as much as we have.  We also appreciate all the folks who have watched our puppies’ pictures and updates each week as well.  Now for some cute little faces at 7 weeks…….

Lime Green Boy ~ Webb Family

Pink Girl ~ Golubitsky Family

Yellow Boy ~ Luciani Family

Red Boy ~ D'Avino Family

Blue Boy ~ Diaz Family

Emmeline aka "Emme" ~ Retained ~ Guardian/Panaro Family

Annie’s Puppies ~ 6 Weeks Old!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Well our crew is now 6 week’s old today and oh my gosh how they’ve grown!  Annie has pretty much weaned them now and they’re eating kibble and loving it.  You can really feel those puppy-sharp, needle teeth without a doubt.  We’ve started teaching them “no bite” correction as they need to learn that it’s not okay to nip on our fingers and toes.  We use positive reinforcement in correction and replace our fingers with a proper chew toy instead.  They are extremely smart and are learning quickly as to what we expect of them.

Our puppies are romping and playing more and more, napping less, and just loving puppy life in general.  What a hoot they are to watch and to interact with, each having their own little personalities.  We hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  You can really see in these pictures how much they’ve grown.  Have a great week everyone and thanks for watching our pups grow up!

Lime Green Boy

Pink Girl

Yellow Boy

Blue Boy

Red Boy

Green Girl