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Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Here we are!!  One of my most favorite weeks with our puppies, the 3 week mark!  There are so many changes and “firsts”  happening daily.  For one, their eyes are open now and they can hear.  Although they still do their wobbly walks and barrel rolls, they are definitely, day-by-day, perfecting their standing and walking skills!  Moses was the first pup to wag his tail this week too, so precious,…..our “Mr. Personality +.”  🙂  ALL our babies were brave little souls having had their nails trimmed for the first time today, great job kids!!   They are starting to do some playfighting by pawing one another’s noses, so adorable to watch.  It’s hard not to just sit in the whelping box all day taking pictures and cuddling them, but the dust bunnies can wait!  A shout out and heartfelt thanks to Barb for helping me with house chores so I can snuggle our puppies.  This group LOVES to give kisses……what an affectionate bunch of puppy sweetness.  Did I say how much I adore this litter??  Annie continues to be a good Momma, keeping her puppies so clean and lovingly doting over each one of her babies.  From puppy land…….wishing all a fun and safe Labor Day!


" Savannah "

” Savannah “


" Samson "

” Samson “


" Lizzie "

” Lizzie “


" Sunny "

” Sunny “


" Moses "

” Moses “


" Gracie "

” Gracie “


" Murphy "

” Murphy “


" Tallulah "

” Tallulah “


More fun on picture day …..


" Peek-a-Boo Samson !! "

” Peek-a-Boo Samson !! “


" Momma Annie the Multi-Tasker "

” Momma Annie the Multi-Tasker “


Thanks for watching our puppies grow up!  All these puppies have wonderful families waiting to bring them home!!  🙂


Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Our puppies are getting mighty pudgy these days!  There’s still a lot of sleeping and eating going on, not much new there, but a few have attempted to get up on all fours and wobble around a bit.  I think they discovered that’s the fastest way to get to the milk bar!   Their eyes aren’t open yet but they will be any day now.  My favorite week is the 3-4 week mark when they really become more active, although I will say they gave me a run for my money in this week’s photo shoot!  They sure were squirmy little babies but I caught them when they were hungry and hungry equals rowdy!  🙂   I got smart and waited until after they nursed and then snatched them up for a pic.  That was the ticket.  It’s all about having a full belly I guess!!  As you can tell from a few pics, some were totally sacked out, just dreaming away……….oblivious to everything!  Here is the crew this week!!  🙂


























More fun……..


"I think we have a protester here"

“I think we have a protester here”


"Can you really be comfy little guy??  Guess so!"

“Can you really be comfy little guy?? Guess so!”


Thanks for checking our puppies out this week!  All these pups have forever families waiting for them.  🙂


Annie x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week


Happy 1st week birthday to my sweet babies!  All is well here in puppy land.  Annie is a phenomenal momma, fussing over every baby’s whimper, tending to their every need.  The puppies are nursing non-stop now that the milk bar is up and running!  I’ve had to change I.D. ribbons already as their pudgy little necks and double chins seem to expand by the minute.  It is truly amazing how quickly they grow, gaining ounces overnight.  At morning weigh-in, the scale shows we’ve got some little piggies here for sure!  What a life…..eating, sleeping and repeat!  Their eyes will open in the next week, and they will be able to hear as well.  Soon they’ll start looking like “real” puppies. 🙂  Have fun checking out our first photo session……All these puppies have awesome families waiting for them. Thanks for looking!


"Gracie"   Red Chocolate Girl

“Gracie”     Red Chocolate Girl


"Sunny"    Green Cream Girl

“Sunny”    Green Cream Girl


"Lizzie"    White Ribbon Chocolate Girl

“Lizzie”    White Ribbon Chocolate Girl


"Tallulah"    Pink Chocolate Girl

“Tallulah”    Pink Chocolate Girl


"Savannah"    Black Ribbon Chocolate Girl

“Savannah”    Black Ribbon Chocolate Girl


"Murphy"    Yellow Chocolate Boy

“Murphy”    Yellow Chocolate Boy


"Moses"    No Collar Cream Boy

“Moses”    No Collar Cream Boy


"Samson"    Blue Cream Boy

“Samson”    Blue Cream Boy

Snuggle buds…….

Snuggle buddies ....

Snuggle buddies ….


Thanks for looking at our new arrivals!  All these puppies have families waiting for them!  🙂









Welcome to the World Annie x Schoggi Babies !!

Woo hoo!!  Annie delivered 8 beautiful puppies yesterday!  We are so excited to have these little guys and gals make their debut and……. girls rule!!   Momma Annie ended up having 3 boys, 2 are creams and 1 chocolate, and 5 girls, 4 chocolates and 1 cream.  Early labor started Friday evening and then on Saturday she started pushing around 10:30 a.m..  The last baby was delivered around 5 p.m..  Whew!!  Gotta love a day time delivery though ~ we could all get a good night’s sleep!  Annie is doing just great as are our new arrivals.   She is a fussy Mom, always alert to every little whimper from her babies; she was a little concerned when I had to borrow them at weigh in this morning.  🙂   We switched them from the whelping room to the puppy nursery this morning and they are all snuggled in there for the next few weeks.  Although Annie’s milk bar isn’t quite open yet, they are a quiet, content bunch with just the colostrum for now.  Here is a “group” pic with single photos coming in a few days when we “re-group!”  lol   Check out the two little munchkins hiding out under Mom’s tail!!   Congrats to all our families who have been patiently waiting for their new family member to arrive!!  All these puppies have forever homes.  Thanks for taking a peek at our sweet puppies!!


Hello World !!

Hello World !!

Here’s the latest news on Annie and Zara !!

Good evening all!  I just posted some exciting news about our litters on our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles!!  Take a peek!!  Annie is having a couple more babies than we thought, and Zara’s ultrasound revealed a very nice litter arriving here on the heels of Annie’s litter.  We will be busy loving on a lot of puppies….so much fun.  We are accepting two additional reservations and deposits on Annie’s list and two on Zara’s list as of this writing.  For more information, please e-mail me at OR feel free to call me at 717-870-0659.  Stay tuned for the birth announcements……Annie is up first 🙂  Thanks for your interest in our puppies!!



Annie x Schoggi's Puppy Palooza

Annie x Schoggi’s Puppy Palooza



Zara x Schoggi ~ A puppy is in the black circle upper left hand corner

Zara x Schoggi ~ A puppy is in the black circle upper left hand corner


Thanks for taking a peek at our upcoming babies!  🙂