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Kyra x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Days

Congrats to Kyra and Schoggi on their beautiful litter!  Our 5 boys and 1 little girl “box of chocolates” are doing awesome.  What ravenous little eaters and Kyra, being a first-time Mom, is doing an amazing job at keeping her crew happy!  She is one dedicated Mama, preferring “room service” so she doesn’t have to leave the nursery for a second.  Our first photo shoot went really well…..what patient little souls!!!  Kyra blessed us with additional puppies so we have (3) positions open for MALES.  I allocate puppies at around the 6-7 week mark so I do not know at this time which puppies will be available.  They will be mediums, 35-40 pounds, have wavy fleece coats, and have incredibly sweet personalities.  Go home is the weekend of November 19th. If interested in having a new furry friend to love, please e-mail a puppy application found on our homepage, to  Thank you for your interest in our puppies!


Yellow Boy


Pink Girl


Red Boy


No Collar Boy


Blue Boy


Black Ribbon Boy

Thanks for looking !!

Maddie x Orion Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Our Maddie puppers are sure loving their new digs!  We have them in another large inside run now with lots of area to play.  Weaning has begun!!  Puppy mush is a favorite now and crunching on some dry kibble too is helpful for teething pups.  Still nursing of course, but with the addition of all these new goodies to eat, they are getting more chubby by the minute.  Here is our crew at the 5 week mark all festive for Fall.  I had to laugh at some of them looking perturbed with the photo shoot but they hung in there with me.  I think Red Boy’s expression says it all!!  Thanks for watching our babies grow up!


Black Ribbon Girl


Green Girl


Red Boy


Yellow Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks for taking a peek at our Maddie Rose x Orion puppies !!

Kyra x Schoggi Puppies Have Arrived !!

We are so excited about our “box of chocolates” that arrived in the wee hours of Thursday, 9/22/16 !!  Kyra delivered (and 2 days early) an absolutely gorgeous litter of 5 boys and 1 girl who has to grow up with 5 brothers….:).  Kyra is a first-time Mama and she is doing a super job with her babies, just like a pro.  Our new little ones are thriving, are content and quiet all cuddled up to their Mama either sleeping or most likely eating!  As we were blessed with a larger litter than we expected initially, we will have a few sweet little boys availableIf interested, please e-mail me an application which is the first stage in our process, or call me at 717-870-0659 for details.  These puppies will be mediums and have amazing silky fleece coats!!   They will be ready for their forever homes on November 19th.  We will post individual pics and updates after we are all settled in……Thanks for saying hello to our new arrivals !!


Mama Kyra and some hungry babies !!


Puppy pile at the milk bar

Thank you again for looking!!

Maddie Rose x Orion Pups ~ 3 Weeks

Here we are at three weeks already!  It’s amazing how much our new arrivals have grown and changed.  I added a play gym and toys to their area this week so they’re having some fun exploring squeakers and such.  They seem to have discovered one another so now they are batting at and nibbling on each other’s noses, so adorable.  I could sit and watch them all day!  It is incredible how quiet this litter is too, and that’s because Mama Maddie is so attentive to her babies.  She is an awesome Mom!  Here are our little cherubs this week….hope you all enjoy and thanks for looking ~ photo shoots can sure be a hoot!!!  🙂


No Collar Girl


Yellow Girl


Red Boy


Green Girl


Black Ribbon Girl



Red Boy ~ Our Resident Comedian



Have a great weekend !!  Due to a larger litter than expected, we are currently accepting applications and deposits for Kyra x Schoggi’s litter due September 24th.  We ask folks to be open to gender and color for this litter.  Our process is to first submit an application and I’ll get back to you with details.  E-mail to  You may also call me at 717-870-0659 if you have questions.  Thanks so much for considering one of our puppies for your family!!