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Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

Good morning all!  Happy 1st week birthday to our new arrivals.  All is well here. The pups are settled in and Mama and babies are doing just great.  So simply put, our chubs are eating and sleeping machines right now, quickly gaining weight.  Their eyes will open in about a week, but for now, they reach their Mom by scent.  It is amazing how strong they are at getting around just as newborns, but scurrying to the milk bar for a coveted position, is a huge motivator!  🙂  So here are our new babies.  Don’t you just love little puppy toes…..   check out pink girl’s freckled nose, too darn cute!!   Have a great week everyone and thanks for looking!  This litter is fully booked.


No Collar Girl


Yellow Boy


Blue Girl


Green Girl


Pink Girl


Black Ribbon Girl

Thanks again for taking a peek at our new puppies !!














Mama Zara ~ What a sweet Mama !!

Just to make you smile!!  I have a live cam in the nursery now so I can spy on our new arrivals 24/7.  Love the new camera by the way.  I captured this pic of Zara this morning resting her head next to her babies, staring so lovingly at them after she had scrunched their bed together and herded them into a puppy pile.  Just was thinking what great Mamas I have here and what an awesome job they do raising their pups….melts my heart.  Thanks for letting me share…..have a great day!  🙂



Zara & Schoggi Puppies Arrived !!!!

We are thrilled here at Windsor Creek!  Let the puppy cuddles and snuggles begin!  Our beautiful litter of Zara puppies made their debut yesterday, 1/21, a day early and via a daytime whelping no less.  We received 6 gorgeous babies, 1 male and 5 females, in chocolate, cream, and chocolate and white colors.  Many of the pups have charming white mismarks as well.  Mama and puppies are doing just fine…..saddled to the milk bar happy as clams.  Here is a group photo to start with individual photos to come as soon as we all settle in here.  There is one camera-shy baby under Zara’s leg by the way, but yes, we have six for sure!!  lol  Enjoy!!


Zara x Schoggi New Arrivals

Thanks so much for looking!   Our next litter of Maddie Rose x Orion puppies is due in February!  Stay tuned!!!!