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Cammie’s Puppies ~ At Two Weeks

Our little ones’ eyes have started to open this week.  Some have just little slit-openings, but they’re getting there!  We also have some early “wobblers” this week  just discovering they’ve got legs.  They get up on all fours, wobble back and forth and then just kind of do a slow tumble over….just so funny to watch.  Today we did nail trims and everybody just slept right through it all.

After grooming chores, snuggle time came and Cammie got her share of hugs and belly rubs in there too.  She’s a very attentive mama and as soon as she hears a peep from her babies, she’s right there to check things out!!

The photo session of our little “hams” went really well.  I wonder if they’ll ever know how adorable they are!  🙂  Thanks for following our puppies on their journey…..

~ Callie ~

~ Clifford ~

~ Clancy ~

~ Carmella ~

~ Clement ~

~ Cinnie ~

Now for some cute “out-takes” ………….

~ Our little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch"

"Tickle me and I open wide"

"Okay, photo session over, I'm outta here!"



Wow!  We’ve been busy!!!  Through the night and into the wee hours of this morning, we welcomed 7 new Daisy x Mel puppies.  Our little blessings include 4 boys and 3 girls and colors are cream, caramel/cream, cafe and chocolate.   Everyone is doing very well, staking out their fav position at the milk bar, and Daisy is fussing over her puppies like the proud mama she is.  We’re all looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our latest additions to our family of puppies ~ Hope you enjoy our pictures taken hours after the babies were born……..   

Introducing Daisy's "Fab 7"

Proud Mama Checking out the Babies

Happy 1st Week Birthday ~ Cammie Puppies !

Happy Birthday sweet babies!  Our puppies have grown by leaps and bounds in just their first week.  Cammie is super-mama and rarely wants to leave the whelping box to take even short “breaks!”  What a girl!!!

Our babies are spending much of their time sleeping and in between eating of course and eating more…..:)  During their sleep, they are in an “activated sleep mode” whereby they do these cute little twitching movements that help strengthen their legs.  We’re handling the puppies several times a day as well.  This human touch early on helps them develop a loving bond with people as they mature.  Of course snuggling these little ones is the best part of our day!

We hope you all enjoy this week’s pictures.  Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals….

Introducing our "Callie" Girl

Meet "Clifford" Boy

Sweet "Clement" Boy

Adorable "Clancy" Boy

Our Gorgeous "Carmella" Girl

Cutie pie "Cinnabar" Girl ~ "Cinnie"


I just couldn’t resist taking a quick time out from puppy duties for some fun pictures of our crew tonight!  Kudos to Cammie for being such a hardworking mama!  We’re loving all these ruby red puppies….they are such sweet babies!  

Thanks for looking at our new arrivals 🙂

"Watchful Mama"

"Just taking care of the "kids" "

"Snuggle Time"

"Six Doodle Snoozers"

Cammie’s Babies Arrived ~ 8/14/10

We are so excited!!!  Our 6 little Cammie x Vincent blessings arrived late yesterday, 3 boys and 3 girls!  The evening went well…. mama is doing a wonderful job taking care of her babies and we’re busy taking care of everybody!  LOL!  The coat colors of these puppies are gorgeous reds and caramels.  We may have a caramel/cream in there too, we’ll see.  It’s truly amazing how puppies instinctively know how to reach the milk bar as they cannot hear or see for a couple of weeks yet.  Nature is truly awesome! 

Below is a picture of the puppies taken hours after birth yesterday.  As time permits this week, we will update with many more! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our new little arrivals and for sharing in our joy….

Cammie's Puppies' Birthday Pic ~ 8/14/10