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Annie x Xander Puppies ~ 5 Weeks Old

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!!  Our update is fast forward to seeing our puppies who will be 5 weeks old as of tomorrow.  We had an especially fun Christmas this year watching Annie’s pups move into their play-fighting stage.  They are all simply hilarious in their antics, biting one another’s ears, noses and tails.  Never a dull moment around our home these days!  This stage of their early socialization is known as “inhibited bite” and is how they learn about social structure and pack ranking.  We’ve started weaning them on some soft puppy gruel as they’re developing some teeth now so Annie is definitely getting ready to start the weaning process!  🙂  She still spends lots of time with them but is definitely slowly winding down in her mama duties.  She’s done a fantastic job lovingly raising her beautiful babies so kudos to Annie!

We hope you enjoy the new pics of our puppies at the 5-week mark and want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!  Thanks so much for following our puppies along in their journey through early puppyhood! 

Yellow Boy

Blue Boy

Pink Girl

Lime Green Boy

Red Boy

Dark Green Girl

Some fun “outakes” 🙂

Standing Room Only At the Milk Bar

Our New Play Area …….

Home Sweet Home


MY doggie!

Rescue Doggie getting his ear chewed on!

Annie Puppies ~ Three weeks old !!

Hello everyone!  Here’s the latest on our crew now at three weeks.  All are moving into what I call their “toddler” stage of development.  They’re really getting active, doing their wobble walk and now and then, some of them just do the quick step and off they go!  All little eyes are open and they can hear me now when I call “puppies” as they’ll perk their heads up and follow my voice.  We’ve introduced lots of fun toys as well as a mobile to play with, and we’re softly playing a CD of  “life sounds” for them so they get accustomed to things like vacuum cleaner sounds, outdoor noises, other animal sounds, etc..  They are all such cuddle bugs and are continuing to develop into awesome doodles.  It’s really difficult to get any real work done around the house these days because loving on the pups is more fun and more important!!!!  Chores can wait, pups first!!! 

As you’ll see from the photos we took today, they’re all telling Santa they’ve been good.  Isn’t that amazing!  🙂  We also snapped some really cute misc pics that we hope you’ll enjoy as well.  Thanks for following our babies along as they grow up…..

Blue Boy

Green Girl

Pink Girl

Yellow Boy

Red Boy

Light Green Boy

Some really fun photos to share …………………………..

Wow! What did Mom get us now!

"Play time"

"We're Lovin' This Toy"

"Mum Taking Good Care of Us"

"Little Bellies Are Full ~ Nap Time!"

Puppy Pics Addendum ~ Please See This Post and the One Following ..

We apologize for the “technical” difficulties we’re having with our blog this evening, but we wanted to clarify the puppy photos for everyone.  The pictures we just posted this evening, Saturday, 12/11 are below and it looks like these turned out fine.  Please see the blog post following this one for all pictures.

The pic after the light green boy is Blue Chocolate Boy and then Pink Chocolate Girl.  Oh dear, technology, gotta love it!  Thanks for bearing with us!

Blue Chocolate Boy

Pink Chocolate Girl

Annie’s Puppies ~ We’re Two Week’s Old !!!

Happy 2nd week birthday to Annie’s puppies!   Our crew is getting pretty pudgy being camped out at the milk bar all the time!  🙂  Annie continues to be a very attentive mum.  The puppies are practicing early walking skills with wobbling around right now which is just so cute to watch!   Some of the puppies have started to open their eyes, either one or both, as you’ll see in this week’s pictures.  We are totally thrilled with their developing silky coats and beautiful faces they all have.   We’re playing Christmas CD’s in the puppy nursery and although the puppies can’t quite hear yet, Annie seems to be enjoying it!

Moving into the second stage of their development as it progresses, we’ll look forward to more mobility from everyone day by day and soon their ear canals will be open.  We cuddle and handle our babies several times a day so that they get used to human touch early on and are very comfortable with it.  This is an essential part of early socialization for them and definitely a fun part of our day!!

We hope you enjoy this week’s pictures of our new puppy family.  Thanks for watching their progress!

Red Cream Boy

Green Chocolate Girl

Light Green Cream Boy

Light Blue Chocolate Boy

Pink Chocolate Girl

Yellow Chocolate Boy

Annie x Xander Puppies ~ One Week Old !!

Hello Everyone!  Things are very busy here these days with settling in six beautiful puppies that Annie blessed us with last Saturday.  We welcomed 2 cream boys, 2 chocolate boys and 2 chocolate girls late in the afternoon.  Annie and her babies are doing just great and she is being a fabulous mama.   Great job Annie !!!

At this early first stage in development, the puppies are blind and cannot hear.  They are very dependent on their mum of course and stay very close to her.  Their day consists of nursing and sleeping with occasional crying when they are hungry or have moved a bit too far from mama and are seeking her.  Their ear canals will open right around the two week mark and their sense of hearing will fully develop over the course of the next few stages.

We will be taking photos and doing updates every week and a half to two weeks or so, sometimes more frequently as our time permits, so with the Christmas season upon us, the photo sessions will be particularly fun to do!

We are thrilled with our new babies and look forward to spoiling them with lots of loving and belly rubs as the weeks go on! 

We hope you enjoy the photos of our 6 little blessings!  Thanks so much for taking a peek at our new arrivals and congrats to all our wonderful new puppy families!  🙂


Blue Ribbon ~ Chocolate Boy

Red Ribbon ~ Cream Boy

Green Ribbon ~ Chocolate Girl


Pink Ribbon ~ Chocolate Girl

Lime Green Ribbon ~ Cream Boy

Yellow Ribbon ~ Chocolate Boy