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Puppy News!! Bella and Mel Honeymooned !!

Woo-hoo!!!  We are so excited about our upcoming puppies from our beautiful Bella and handsome Mel, a match made in heaven!!  (Photos are below)  Puppies are expected in October and will be going to their forever homes in December.  This will be such a special, exciting Christmas for everyone!  We are currently accepting only (3) more deposits for our adorable Bella puppies!

Puppies will mature to 28 to 35 pounds and have allergy friendly buttery fleece coatsColors expected are chocolates, parchment (a rare color in the chocolate family) and awesome cream/caramels.  Temperaments of these puppies will be just as loving, gentle and sweet as their parents!  Our certified professional puppy trainer will offer to our families, a series of (8) classes for their puppies while we are raising them here.   These early training classes are proving to be a valuable asset to our puppies introducing them to basic good puppy manners, commands and correction of nipping, jumping up, etc..  Feedback from our prior families tells us they were simply amazed at how much their puppies had learned and how well-behaved and adjusted their puppies were at this very young age!!!  🙂

If interested in this gorgeous litter, please e-mail me at or call me at (717)870-0659.  We’d love to chat “doodles” with you!

Now for our lovely expectant parents ……….

Our Beautiful Bella ~

"Our expecting Momma, Bella"

Our Handsome Mel ~

"Proud Papa, Mel"

Annie / Vince Pups ~ 8 weeks ~ “Homecoming”

For our final 8-week old pictures of our spectacular Annie/Vincent litter, we decided “go home” family pictures would be perfect!   It was so great to see how instantly “in love” everyone was with their puppies and the puppies with their new families.  Mary Smallwood, our wonderful puppy trainer, did an awesome job with these pups!  As the puppies went home, each family was presented a demo of the training exercises/commands that were used along with a wealth of training information and “puppy tips” from Mary.   I’ve already gotten rave reviews from our families as to how much they appreciated the early training that was provided to their puppies! 🙂  It was such a pleasure raising these puppies, seeing them learn and grow each week.  We also plan to keep in touch with everyone so we’ll be able to follow our “babies” as they grow up from here!  🙂

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all our families for being so great to work with and for planning a wonderful life for my precious pups!  🙂  We hope you enjoy our “family” photos!

"Chloe Rose Kotalac" Family & Friends


"Alan" and Family ~ Randi and Howard


"Gracie" Family ~ Margie and Jim


"Blue" Warznak Family & "Hux" (ALOWC Chocolate Doodle)


"Leo" Vernoff Family


"Shiloh" Gartner Family


Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 7 weeks

Gosh, I can’t believe I only have another week with our precious puppies!  The weeks somehow got away from me.   I will SO miss these puppies!   They all have such fun personalities!!!  Our pups are happy little souls, hilarious in their puppy antics especially when they play tug-of-war with their fav toys, a sock monkey, a raccoon and a fox.  There’s lots of excitement in the air already, as I think they somehow know something different and special will happen next week when they meet their new families!  🙂

This week’s photos were trickier than ever to take as they really preferred to “rock and roll” instead of sit still for a pic, but they definitely hung in there with me!  Thanks for following our puppies along in their journey with us.  We’ll take puppy-family pictures next week as each pup leaves us.   Have a great week everyone!

Pink Girl

Light Green Girl

Light Blue Boy

Green Boy

Black Ribbon Boy

Yellow Boy

More Misc Photos…….

Mary teaching motions of car riding, boat riding

Luring with PB, teaching "let's go" command and leash work

Incorporating "sit" with motion exercise

Annie x Vince Puppies ~ 6 Weeks

Our puppies sure are busy little guys and girls these days.  Today they visited with our vet for their check up and all received A+’s on their “report cards!”  Yay!!  Everyone was very brave with their first vaccines and the reward was lots of love and kisses from our vet and staff!  When they came home, they had a huge breakfast and then “crashed” for some long naps.  Around noontime, they were up and running around playing.  I guess they got their second wind!!! 🙂

Tomorrow our trainer, Mary, will visit again and work on several exercises with them such as following on the leash, sitting and no biting correction.  Yesterday morning we had the puppies out in an ex-pen under an awning for shade to play after their bath, but it was still so hot and humid so we brought them back into the AC.  As for their baths, they LOVED them, but the hair dryer….well, let’s just say it wasn’t their favorite part of the bath process!!! 🙂

Hope everyone enjoys their week and stays cool!  Our puppy assistant helped with pictures this week, so the photo session went pretty smooth.  Pups at this age move at lightening speed!! 🙂

Light Green Girl


Yellow Boy


Light Blue Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Pink Girl


Green Boy

A couple more……

Green Boy ~ I think he's looking for some peanut butter !!


Hanging out at the gym .....


"Okay, why is your hand there ??"