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One Month Old Birthday Pics !

Today our crew is a month old and they are growing now by leaps and bounds!   We’re finding many of them have teeth starting to come in so the weaning process is right around the corner.  They’re loving playing with different toys, getting used to all kinds of noises of the household and prefer to listen to soft rock during the day.   Uncle Fuey doodle is simply mesmerized by their antics!


We’re growing up fast! Three weeks old now

Well here we are at 3 weeks old today.  Eyes opened last week and now the really fun stage begins.  Each puppy is already developing their own little personality and love all the attention and kisses they can get!


Play Time

We’re Two Weeks Old Today !

Our sweet “babies” are growing up fast.  Eyes will open over the next week and now they’re giving some serious tries at walking. They’re pretty wobbly yet, doing some barrel rolls before they get up on all fours, but they’re getting the hang of it.   One thing for sure, they really enjoy their cuddles, kisses and belly rubs!

We're Two Weeks Old Today

We are One Week Old today!

Well, here we are at our one week old birthday today!  Our crew is definitely changing daily and are pretty much six little eating/sleeping machines.  Before we know it, they’ll be up and walking around.  It truly is amazing how quickly puppies grow in their first eight weeks!

One Week Old