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Kyra’s Pregnancy is Confirmed !!

Woo hoo!!  Kyra x Schoggi puppies are on their way and are due approximately September 24th.  A match made in heaven, these two beautiful parents are sure to produce gorgeous puppies.  Colors expected are creams and chocolates, sizes when grown will be mediums at 30-40 pounds and coats will be wavy fleece with some having curls to them.  Go home will be in November.  We are accepting applications and deposits at this time from folks who are OPEN TO GENDER AND COLOR.  If interested in one of our puppies, the first step is to complete an application found on the homepage of our website and please e-mail it to me at  We will contact you with details.  If questions, please call me at 717-870-0659 as well.  A picture of a puppy taken today via ultrasound is below as well as photos of the parents. Thank you for considering one of our Kyra and Schoggi puppies for your family!

Kyra’s Ultrasound August 25, 2016 …..

Kyra Ultrasound Schoggi puppies 2016

Kyra x Schoggi Puppy

” Mama-to-Be Kyra “

Kyra Website Pic

”  Kyra  “

” Papa Schoggi “

Schoggi ~ Fall 2012 - Copy

”  Schoggi  “

Thank you for sharing in our exciting news !!

Maddie Rose X Orion Puppies ~ 5 Days

More beautiful puppies to love….who could ask for more!  All is well here with Maddie’s new arrivals; they are thriving and of course, she is being a stellar Mama as always.  These pups are purely eating and sleeping machines right now and when they are hungry, they vocalize!!  What a noisy crew when it’s time to saddle up to the milk bar, too funny.  I am loving the gorgeous coats of these babies….they feel like velvet!!  So here are our little darlings at 5 days old.  We’ll post more pics and updates in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for looking!!!


Black Ribbon Girl


Green Girl


Red Boy


Yellow Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks again for taking a peek at our new family of puppies!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  🙂

Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies Arrived !!

In the wee hours of Saturday morning (8/20) we were blessed with Maddie Rose and Orion puppies, gorgeous creams and chocolates!  A nice mix of a boy and girls…..we are thrilled!  Maddie ended up having a couple extra little “surprises,” so we do have AVAILABILITY.  Everyone is settling in and Maddie is being her usual super Mama.  The babies are quiet and content to sleep and nurse the day away!  Here is a group pic for now with individual photos to come.  We are all headed off to take a quick nap for now….nite all !!  If interested in a puppy from this litter, please begin our process by e-mailing a completed application to me.  I’ll take a peek at it and get back to you with details.  These puppies will be mediums and have lovely, silky fleece coats.  Go home is October.  Thanks for taking a look at our new arrivals!



Happy Birthday Little Ones !!!

There will be (2) puppies available to go home in mid-October.  If interested in one of our Maddie Rose x Orion puppies, please e-mail us a puppy application found on the homepage of our website OR call us at (717)870-0659.  Thanks so much!





So for the latest here at Windsor Creek …..Parents are listed on our website!

MADDIE ROSE X ORION …… Availability.  Mediums 35-40 pounds, colors anticipated are gorgeous creams and chocolates.  Wavy fleece coats.  Go home is in October.

KYRA X SCHOGGI ~ Availability.  Mediums 35-40 pounds.  Colors will include beautiful chocolates and creams with caramel highlights.  Wavy fleece coats.  Whelping in September and go home in November.

If wishing to add one of our puppies to your family, please complete an application found on the homepage of our Site and e-mail to  No deposit necessary until we’ve chatted.  Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming arrivals!

Have a great week!!!



Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Right on the heels of Halle’s puppies is Zara’s of course.  Puppy progress and changes are pretty much the same as Halle’s although this group has more teeth!  Weaning with the softened kibble otherwise known as yummy “puppy mush” is going over well with these pups too.  Zara is still nursing her babies but will, over the next week or so, start winding down with that in lieu of sharp puppy teeth to contend with. Yikes!  I’m seeing a lot of really sweet little personalities emerging now…..Thanks everyone for watching us grow !!


Green Boy


Yellow Girl


Blue Girl


Red Boy


Pink Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks for watching us grow up through the weeks!

Halle x Tate Puppies ~5 Weeks

Our babies’ update…..So we’re moving toward weaning soon….they’re loving their puppy mush and Mama Halle is enjoying some help with feeding her pups too.  They’re a fun crew and oh so silly with their puppy antics!  I could sit and watch them play all day.  Our photo shoot went well with the help of Miss Linda!  Good job puppers!!  Thanks for looking!


Red Cream Boy


Yellow Cream Boy


Pink Cream Girl


Blue Caramel Boy


Green Chocolate Boy

Have a great week everyone !!!

Home Sweet Home

It’s almost time to move into our “big dog” play area!  Yay !!  We are quickly outgrowing our whelping area so we are off to romp in another part of our home this weekend !!!  Fun !!


Halle’s Pups

Moving day is right around the corner !!!