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Puppies, puppies and more puppies!!  After a few months of our home without puppies to love and spoil, we’re ready to rock and roll with FOUR beautiful litters planned below.  Pictures of each parent with details are listed.  I have so missed having pups here!!!  There’s just nothing like snuggling with a sweet, chubby little puppy!! 🙂

Now for more news!!  We have an innovative, very unique Puppy Preschool Program!  Our puppies are so-o-o smart!  While the pups are being raised in our home, early obedience classes with our Certified Dog Trainer are offered when they turn just 4 weeks old through 8 weeks old, simply awesome.  When the pups go to their forever homes then at (8) weeks, they are already Puppy Graduates!  It’s amazing how much our little “puppy students” love preschool, working with Mary, and how quickly they learn!!

Because our litters are normally pre-sold….reserving your puppy early is key, as it best assures you of your new best friend!!  We will accept a minimal number of reservations until we see how Mother Nature blesses us.


Our dazzling Cammie and adorable Vincent pairing this month.  This couple is totally magnificent!  Puppies are expected in March going home in May, a beautiful time of the year for puppies!  Colors expected are creams and caramels with sizes maturing to approximately 26-32 pounds.  Coats will be wavy fleece and curly fleece.  This couple produces really fun pups with exceptionally sweet personalities.  Cammie’s litter is fully reserved at this time.





Next we have our sensationally sweet Emmeline and Wrigley, a stellar chocolate boy, with stunning good looks!  Puppies are expected in May, going home in July.  We’ll be having a puppy pool party this time of year! 🙂  Colors expected are rich chocolate and perhaps creams.  Sizes will finish at approximately 25-35 pounds.  Coats will be silky fleece feeling like crushed velvet…simply lovely.  This pairing is truly a match made in heaven!!



WRIGLEY (Photo Courtesy of Midwest Labradoodles)


Next up, a repeat performance!  Our beautiful Bella and charming Mel!  Puppies are expected in May going home in July.  We had super nice puppies from this couple last year so we just couldn’t resist pairing them again!!  Temperaments of these pups were awesome.  We’ve gotten rave reviews on these puppies with special notes from their families appreciating how incredibly easy their pups were to housetrain!  🙂  Colors will be chocolates, cafe’s and creams….. a really nice mix.  The creams will have awesome caramel highlights in their coats and ears like their daddy Mel.  Coats will be curly fleece with some wavy fleece.  We’re so excited to see more of Bella/Mel puppies!!





Then we have our stunning Annie honeymooning with an incredibly dark red boy we’ve specially chosen for her, the wickedly handsome MacGuffy Rudigan!  These puppies will be sure to be drop-dead gorgeous!!  Puppies are expected in June going home in August.  Summer pups are so-o-o much fun.  The children are still home to play and occupy the pups and vice versa, what a genious plan…..right Moms!  🙂  Colors expected will be lucious creams and dark rich caramels.  Sizes will finish at solid mediums 30-45 pounds.  We could perhaps have a large pup or two finishing at a small standard size.  Coats will be fabulous fleece, absolutely stunning!  These parents are oh so loving and gentle so their pups will be sure to melt your heart!!  🙂




MacGUFFY RUDIGAN (Photo Courtesy of Aussie Labradoodles)

I would be glad to help you in your puppy decision!  I can be reached by e-mail at OR better yet, please feel free to call (717)+870-0659 to chat.  Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies !!  Stay tuned for more information…..we’ll post as it rolls in…..:)

NOTE:  If  you’d like to take a peek at our previous litters, please see the right-hand margin, “Categories” and click on the Mom’s name.  We have lots of great information on our website as well at