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Pippa x Tate Puppies Have Arrived on Mother’s Day ~ May 13


So we’ve some exciting news to share at Windsor Creek!  Pippa and Tate’s beautiful puppies were born through the early morning hours today, May 13th, Mother’s Day!  Woo hoo!!  Mama Pippa did very well with her delivery (start to finish 3:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.), what a trooper…….and now we’re all getting ready for some serious Sunday naps.  Whew!!  We have a really nice mix of genders…….chocolates, cream and iced caramels, with gorgeous fleece coats.  By the way, we have (2) unexpected little blessings looking for their forever homes.  For more details, please contact me at  You must be open to gender and color.  For now, here is a sneak peak at our adorable new arrivals… “puppy pile” photos.  Look for some fun individual photos with more updates when everyone has settled in a bit more.  Love that our nursery is filled with puppy chatter once again although I’ve got to say, this crew is pretty quiet early on!!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and especially to our new Mama Pippa!  Thanks for looking everyone!  Enjoy!!  I wanted to give a special shout out of thanks to Miss Jen, Pippa’s guardian Mom, who graciously helped us from start to finish today!!  You rock Jen!!  🙂


Room service for Mama Pippa on Mother’s Day !!



Mama’s kisses are just the best



Welcome to the world little ones


Thanks again for looking and if interested in one of these sweet puppies, please e-mail me as above.  I’ll be happy to help in your decision!


Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies Arrived !!!

Welcome to the world little Maddie Rose and “O” puppies!  Five gorgeous little pups arrived late yesterday, Monday, Feb. 23rd, right on schedule!  We were blessed with 4 girls and 1 boy, two chocolate girls, two cream girls and our boy is chocolate, what an awesome mix of colors.  Some puppies have cute little white toes as well, simply adorable!!  Everyone is settling in nicely and Momma Maddie is doing a fabulous job with her babies.  I am now 2-for-2 in daytime whelping for both Halle and Maddie….woo-hoo!!  Gotta love those day deliveries and in record time at that!!  We will post pictures and updates of this litter every two weeks, but for now, here’s a group, puppy pile pic to let you see how pudgy these little ones really are.  Enjoy!


Five little beauties !!

Five little beauties !!


Thanks for taking a peek at our new arrivals!  We are now taking applications and deposits for our upcoming Emmeline and Tate puppies who will arrive late April and go home late June!  For more details, please contact Vicki at (717)+870-0659 OR e-mail me at  Thank you for your interest in our puppies!!  Additional litters are planned throughout the Summer, Fall and Winter this year.


Halle x Orion AND Maddie Rose x Orion ~ Honeymooned !! Puppies coming soon !!

Woo-hoo…….puppies are on their way!!  Halle x Orion AND Maddie Rose x Orion have recently honeymooned!  These pairings will bring us stunning puppies making their debut the end of February and going to their forever homes late April.  What a totally fun Spring these beautiful puppies will bring to many families!!  Both litters will include COLORS of cream/caramel puppies as well as chocolate/cafe’, parchment/lavender puppies, VERY pretty!  COATS will include some puppies having the velvet-like, wavy fleece and some having slight curl to them; all are allergy and asthma friendly well known to the Australian labradoodles.  TEMPERAMENTS and personalities will be gentle and loving as are their parents making them an awesome family member……especially great buddies for children!  We are ACCEPTING A FEW MORE APPLICATIONS AND DEPOSITS at this time.  TO RESERVE one of our beautiful puppies, please fill in the puppy app found the homepage of our website, e-mail it to me and I’ll review and reply very promptly.  You may also prefer to chat with me for more information at (717)870-0659.  I’ll be glad to help you in your decision!  Here are our lovely expectant Mommas and our handsome sire to both litters, Orion!  (Note:  Please scroll down and click each photo to enlarge)

”  HALLE “




One of Halle x Orion’s first puppies….” Mia ”  LOVE her!


" Mia "

” Mia “



” MADDIE ROSE ”    (First time Momma)

" Maddie Rose "



” ORION ”  (Our oh so handsome boy !!)


" Orion "



Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming litters!  We can’t wait for these gorgeous pups to make their debut.  To reserve one of these lovely puppies, as above, our process begins with a completed puppy application found on the Homepage of our Website.   Please e-mail the app to me at  We will review it and promptly reply to you with more details.  Also, please feel free to call me at (717)870-0659 for more information.  We will be happy to help in your decision for a new member of your family!



Lucy and Orion Puppies are on their way !!

We will have a busy week!  Lucy and “O” puppies are getting ready to make their debut this weekend!  More little blessings to be thankful for!!  Mama-to-be Lucy is doing great, getting a chubby little belly on her.  Can’t wait to see our new arrivals.  Stay tuned for the birth announcement!  Working on preparing the nursery today……..




Proud Papa-To-Be

Proud Papa-To-Be


So excited to see the puppies from this beautiful pair!  🙂




Zara x Schoggi Puppies Arrived 9/8

Exciting news!  Zara x Schoggi puppies arrived!  Her labor began Sunday evening so I slept in the nursery with her “just in case” a pup arrived and sure enough, in the wee hours of the morning, our first puppy made its debut!  We were blessed with 3 chocolate boys, one chocolate girl with a pattern of  markings much like her Momma and one cream girl.  Everyone is doing great, and Zara is doing a super job being a first-time Mom.  She adores her puppies, not wanting to leave them for a moment!   Our puppies are all chunky monkeys with most having double chins already!  🙂  As each were born, they saddled right up to the milk bar and haven’t ventured far since.  We took a couple of “group” photos for now with single pics to follow at a week old.  As we do for all our litters, we will post weekly pictures and updates on the pups!   Here are our newest arrivals!








Have a great week everyone!  All these puppies have homes waiting for them.  Thanks for looking!!



Welcome to the World Annie x Schoggi Babies !!

Woo hoo!!  Annie delivered 8 beautiful puppies yesterday!  We are so excited to have these little guys and gals make their debut and……. girls rule!!   Momma Annie ended up having 3 boys, 2 are creams and 1 chocolate, and 5 girls, 4 chocolates and 1 cream.  Early labor started Friday evening and then on Saturday she started pushing around 10:30 a.m..  The last baby was delivered around 5 p.m..  Whew!!  Gotta love a day time delivery though ~ we could all get a good night’s sleep!  Annie is doing just great as are our new arrivals.   She is a fussy Mom, always alert to every little whimper from her babies; she was a little concerned when I had to borrow them at weigh in this morning.  🙂   We switched them from the whelping room to the puppy nursery this morning and they are all snuggled in there for the next few weeks.  Although Annie’s milk bar isn’t quite open yet, they are a quiet, content bunch with just the colostrum for now.  Here is a “group” pic with single photos coming in a few days when we “re-group!”  lol   Check out the two little munchkins hiding out under Mom’s tail!!   Congrats to all our families who have been patiently waiting for their new family member to arrive!!  All these puppies have forever homes.  Thanks for taking a peek at our sweet puppies!!


Hello World !!

Hello World !!

Here’s the latest news on Annie and Zara !!

Good evening all!  I just posted some exciting news about our litters on our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles!!  Take a peek!!  Annie is having a couple more babies than we thought, and Zara’s ultrasound revealed a very nice litter arriving here on the heels of Annie’s litter.  We will be busy loving on a lot of puppies….so much fun.  We are accepting two additional reservations and deposits on Annie’s list and two on Zara’s list as of this writing.  For more information, please e-mail me at OR feel free to call me at 717-870-0659.  Stay tuned for the birth announcements……Annie is up first 🙂  Thanks for your interest in our puppies!!



Annie x Schoggi's Puppy Palooza

Annie x Schoggi’s Puppy Palooza



Zara x Schoggi ~ A puppy is in the black circle upper left hand corner

Zara x Schoggi ~ A puppy is in the black circle upper left hand corner


Thanks for taking a peek at our upcoming babies!  🙂