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Daisy Puppies ~ 7 week’s Old

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe our puppies are 7 week’s old!  We’ve been really busy this week finishing up training classes with Mary; in addition, the puppies had their spay and neuter surgeries.  Everyone did quite well and the pups are back to their old selves, zooming around playing and having puppy fun!  We are preparing for them to meet their new families next week.  This is such an exciting time for both families and puppies!  🙂

Mama Daisy returned to her wonderful guardian family, the Cocchi’s, last weekend.  I don’t know that everyone was aware but, these puppies were Daisy’s grand finale’ litter for us.   She will now be spayed and live out a happy and fun retirement with her family.  I will really miss having our sweet Daisy in our breeding program, but saying goodbye to her is made much easier knowing she’ll be cherished and much loved by the Cocchi’s.  As good friends of her guardian family, we will keep in touch with Daisy and have get-togethers to look forward to through every year.   My heartfelt thanks goes out to my Daisy for all the beautiful puppies she’s given me and for all the wonderful puppy families she’s made so happy!  We love you Daisy!!  🙂

Thank you to all who have watched our puppies grow up!   We hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend as well! 

Halle ~ Retained by Windsor Creek Labradoodles


Stella ~ Prasad Family


Ella ~ McAuley Family


Mattie ~ McGrath Family


Finnegan ~ Dwyer Family


Cooper ~ Cybulski Family


Bernie ~ D'Avella Family


Flynn ~ DiDonato Family

Now for some more cute pics of the week !!!

Mary thinks this is the best part of being a trainer !!


"Here I come"


"Our expert puppy socializer !! "


"Lots of puppies to love"


"Is that really you Mary ??"




Annie’s Pregnancy ~ Confirmed !!!

We’ve great “Annie puppy” news to share!  Annie’s pregnancy has been confirmed by her ultrasound below.   It sure doesn’t look like puppies per se, but there is a dark circle-like form in the  upper part of the picture that is one puppy and their placenta.  There are many more babies throughout, but Dr. Carla thought this was a great picture to share!  🙂

Stay tuned for more info as it comes in…..Annie’s puppies are due June 19th (give or take a day or so), so it’ll be a “Happy Father’s Day” to papa Vincent!   Due to a larger than expected litter, we are taking additional applications for this litter!  If interested, please contact me at or call me at 717-870-0659!  Thanks for looking at our first “baby” picture!!  🙂  Please scroll down for pictures of mama Annie and papa Vince.

Here is at least one of our many bundle of joys!

Annie x Vincent Puppies


Daisy Puppies ~ 6 Week’s Old

Our puppies are growing up really fast and are learning new “firsts” every day!  They had an exciting week so far, having their first car ride for their first health check-up at our vet’s office.  They were were all so brave about their vaccines with barely a yip or flinch!  Of course our vet and staff made quite a fuss over them all, cuddling and kissing each one.  When we got home, they all “crashed” and took a long snooze to re-group!  🙂

Our trainer, Mary, continues to work with our puppies a couple times a week.  She is very impressed with each puppy’s great personality and their progress so far.  They are now learning the feel of collars and leashes and how to respond to the “let’s go” command.  In addition, we are working on the sit-hold as well as motion training always giving positive reinforcement, praise and kisses for a job well done.  Correction on hard nibbling on fingers and toes as well as jumping up is done to discourage those types of behaviors early on.  What smart puppies we have!  We are so proud of them all!

We hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  Have a great week everyone!  🙂







"Finnegan" ~ Formerly Blue Boy








"Halle" ~ Windsor Creek Daisy's Legacy

Here are some fun photos of the week ……..

"I am so brave !!"


"Good puppy !!"


"Learning about collars and leashes"


"How am I doing Mary?"


"Time for kisses !!"



Please meet our beautiful girl, “Halle,” a puppy from our Daisy and Southern Charm’s Cooper!  Halle is a gorgeous chocolate Australian Multigen Labradoodle whom we hope will one day join our breeding program.  We are looking for a very special, loving and responsible guardian family for our girl.  She will need to be homed in a family living within 30 minutes of us in Windsor, PA.  If interested in more information about this wonderful opportunity, please call me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail me at  Thanks so much for considering our lovely puppy for guardianship!

Introducing Windsor Creek Daisy’s Legacy ~ aka “Halle”

"Our Sweet Halle"

Daisy Puppies ~ 5 Week’s Old

We’ve been incredibly busy this week!  Last weekend we moved the puppies into a larger area and they’re having a blast running around and playing there.  They have lots of different toys to enjoy, squeakers, a sock monkey (they love that guy) and tons of other fun stuff.  They’re doing great with weaning and although Daisy still nurses them, she is is slowly winding down her duties.  They’ve started housetraining too and know there is a place to eat, sleep, play and do their business.  Smart pups!  Our trainer, Mary, is working with the puppies regularly and together we are doing desensitization exercises with them, teaching them an early sit command and doing all kinds of things to help build their confidance which is so important.  Today we began a particular exercise that will help them get comfortable with motions such as car rides, boat rides, etc..  It is so amazing how quickly they learn at this young age! 

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our puppies.  Have a great week everyone!

"Halle" ~ Formerly Pink Girl ~ Retained by Windsor Creek Labradoodles


"Stella" ~ Formerly Light Green Girl


"Ella" ~ Formerly known as Yellow Girl


"Mattie" ~ Formerly Black Ribbon Girl


Blue Boy


"Cooper" ~ Formerly Light Blue Boy


"Bernie" ~ Formerly Red Boy


"Flynn" ~ Formerly Green Boy


"Where the action is !!"


"Training with Mary" ~ "Let's Go" Exercise


"What a good puppy !!"


"Taking notes" ~ I'm doing so well !!


"Motion Exercises" ~ "I've got the hang of this one !!"


"Great see-saw!" "This is fun !!"


"Lots of Puppies" ~ "Aren't we cute !!"









Daisy Puppies ~ 4 Week’s Old

Happy May everyone!  Our puppies are certainly growing up!!  All our little ones are showing their own unique personalities.  They are now really aware of their surroundings.  When I talk and sing to them, they perk their heads up searching for my voice, as if to say, “I know who you are, it’s time for kisses and cuddles!”  🙂 

Here’s the latest……We’ve started some early housetraining.  Mama Daisy will be with them frequently for some time  yet, nursing them often, but we want to introduce them to puppy mush this week.  It’s always a hoot to watch their first meals as they usually bath themselves in it rather than get much in their bellies!! 

We’re so excited that our professional dog trainer, Mary, will meet our puppies this week.  She’ll begin working with each puppy individually.  She will teach them simple commands and basic good puppy manners as the weeks go by.  We’re gently introducing the puppies to different sounds and surfaces for tactile stimulation as now is a critical time in their social development.  So all in all, we’ll be very busy focusing on teaching our pups all kinds of wonderful things so they can grow up to be super dogs!!  🙂

We hope you enjoy this week’s pics.  Photo sessions are getting a bit trickier to accomplish as our crew can be a bit wiggly at times, but we do our best!  Thanks everyone for taking a peek at our babies!

Pink Girl


Light Green Girl


Black Ribbon Girl


Yellow Girl


Light Blue Boy


Blue Boy


Red Boy


Green Boy

Now for our “fun” pics of the week……

"Gosh sis, you make a great pillow!!"


"Having some fun at the gym!"