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Sweet Annie ~

I just couldn’t resist posting some pics I took this morning of our Annie in a sea of pink cherry petals!  Looks like she’s trying out for “America’s Next Top Doodle Model” or something.  We’re looking for Annie to enter our breeding program in several months and to produce some awesome puppies for us!  For now, she’ll keep practicing her photo shoots.  Thanks for taking a peek at our girl!

The photo shoot starts ~

Her signature pose ~

Sitting in Mom’s flower bed ~

Cammie and Daisy Puppies’ Homecoming Update ~ Spring 2010

Well the ole’ homestead here is quiet again until August as all the puppies from Cammie and Daisy’s Spring litters have gone home to their families now.  It seems our puppy folks have fallen head over heels in love with their new family members!   From the feedback I’m getting, it sounds like the puppies are doing extremely well, housetraining quickly and settling in nicely.  I wish all our new puppy families years of happiness and loving companionship with their puppies and want to say thank you for being so wonderful to work with!   To take a peek at some of our new puppy folks, please scroll down ~

Jackson's Family ~ Cammie Puppy

Layla's Family ~ Cammie's Puppy

Jackson and Family ~ Daisy's Litter

Charlie and Family ~ Daisy Puppy

Huck and Family ~ Daisy Puppy

Tucker's Family ~ Cammie Puppy