Welcome to the World Annie x Schoggi Babies !!

Woo hoo!!  Annie delivered 8 beautiful puppies yesterday!  We are so excited to have these little guys and gals make their debut and……. girls rule!!   Momma Annie ended up having 3 boys, 2 are creams and 1 chocolate, and 5 girls, 4 chocolates and 1 cream.  Early labor started Friday evening and then on Saturday she started pushing around 10:30 a.m..  The last baby was delivered around 5 p.m..  Whew!!  Gotta love a day time delivery though ~ we could all get a good night’s sleep!  Annie is doing just great as are our new arrivals.   She is a fussy Mom, always alert to every little whimper from her babies; she was a little concerned when I had to borrow them at weigh in this morning.  🙂   We switched them from the whelping room to the puppy nursery this morning and they are all snuggled in there for the next few weeks.  Although Annie’s milk bar isn’t quite open yet, they are a quiet, content bunch with just the colostrum for now.  Here is a “group” pic with single photos coming in a few days when we “re-group!”  lol   Check out the two little munchkins hiding out under Mom’s tail!!   Congrats to all our families who have been patiently waiting for their new family member to arrive!!  All these puppies have forever homes.  Thanks for taking a peek at our sweet puppies!!


Hello World !!

Hello World !!


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