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Kyra x Chewy Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

There is definite cuteness overload going on here friends!!  So this is absolutely my favorite week for puppies!!  Eyes are open and they are walking pretty well with only an occasional “barrel roll” when they try to scurry along too fast to the milk bar.  Too funny!  We added their little jungle gym and some fun toys in the nursery and it seems they voted Lamb Chop as their preferred snuggle stuffie.  🙂  Mama Kyra is being a great Mom of course but gets a little anxious when we trim her puppies’ nails.  The pups do well with it, it’s just that Mama gets a bit nervous but that’s what Mom’s do I guess.  🙂  Here is our recent puppy photo shoot.  They were troopers!  More updates soon…..Enjoy!



Kit Kat


Jelly Belly












Kyra x Theo Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

So for the latest here at Windsor Creek ……. Our Kyra babies are total pudge muffins!  Mama K is being kept busy tending to her pups, fussing over every little whimper they make and then of course nursing duties are non-stop.  Isn’t it the truth though, a Mom’s work is never done !!!  🙂  The 3 week-mark is always my fav.  There are so many changes in their development happening all at once.  Their eyes are open now and they are learning to walk.  They are hilarious to watch, as they try to get up on all fours, do a barrel roll and repeat!  Ahh…..perseverance does pay off!  Every day they are getting better at it.  By the way, did I say how much I ADORE this litter. I’m finding these pups to be exceptional from their rich, dark caramel color to their soft wavy coats……and gosh, they are such cuddle bugs already!  Our photo shoot went really well and to start the New Year off right, here are some fun pics for all.  Thanks for taking a peek at our new babies!!  More fun photos will be on our FB page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well ……  Enjoy!!


No Collar Girl


Yellow Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Red Boy


Green Boy

Caption the photo below folks !!!  (lol)

I think Kyra was giving me the “stink eye” that day kind of like Green Boy this morning!  HA!  But isn’t this SO cute the way she’s snuggling her baby!!  Love it!


We are working on 2018 plans for our upcoming litters.  For more information, please e-mail me at  Thank you for your interest in our puppies!

Kyra x Theo Puppies Coming Soon !!

Woo hoo for the great news yesterday.  Kyra’s pregnancy ultrasound revealed a really nice litter of puppies expected to make their debut close to Christmas!  Little heartbeats were seen with some mighty active puppies kicking the day away.  Our families are SO excited!  I’m sure this awesome news makes their Christmas extra special this year as it does ours!  This litter is fully booked until we see how many puppies we are blessed to have……more details to arrive in a few short weeks.  So here is a photo of just one of her sweet babies.  Our Breeding Plans for 2018 are underway and if interested in having one of our Windsor Creek fur babies join your family, please fill in an application and e-mail to  Thanks very much and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Kyra x Theo US 11 16 17

Kyra x Theo Puppy

Thanks for looking!

Kyra x Schoggi Puppies ~ 7 Weeks

Our adorable babies are ready to go home very soon!  Kyra and Schoggi sure did make some lovely pups.  I am thrilled with the fun personalities and sweet dispositions I’ve seen with this litter.  These puppies are going to make many families awfully happy!  This will be our last post for this particular litter.  We will surely miss our crew, but know they are going to loving homes and will finish growing up to be awesome best friends for their families. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Thanks everyone for watching our puppies grow up!


Yellow Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Red Boy


Blue Boy


No Collar Boy


Pink Girl

Just for Fun …… Our Little Charmer


Too Cute !!!

Thanks again for watching our Kyra and Schoggi puppies grow up!  We have more litters planned as we speak.  If interested in a puppy, please fill in an application found on our website, e-mail it to and I’ll get back to you with details.  We will be glad to help you in your decision!

Kyra x Schoggi Puppies ~ 4 weeks

Love, love, love our Kyra and Schog puppies!  What a lively crew at 4 weeks now…..they are changing every day.  Mama Kyra is still nursing her babies but next week we will introduce them to puppy mush; this week it was baby cereal with milk replacer and that was a huge hit!  I’m not sure if they really ate much of the cereal or just had a blast taking a bath in it.  🙂  Oh well, that’s all part of puppy fun!  Here is our crew ready for the Fall season….in our contest, Yellow Boy won Mr. Photogenic and Black Ribbon Boy was won the stare down!!  HA!!  Thanks for taking a peek at our cutie patooties!


Yellow Boy


Black Ribbon Boy


Red Boy


Blue Boy


No Collar Boy


Pink Girl

Thanks so much for looking!  All these puppies have families waiting for them !!!

Kyra x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Days

Congrats to Kyra and Schoggi on their beautiful litter!  Our 5 boys and 1 little girl “box of chocolates” are doing awesome.  What ravenous little eaters and Kyra, being a first-time Mom, is doing an amazing job at keeping her crew happy!  She is one dedicated Mama, preferring “room service” so she doesn’t have to leave the nursery for a second.  Our first photo shoot went really well…..what patient little souls!!!  Kyra blessed us with additional puppies so we have (3) positions open for MALES.  I allocate puppies at around the 6-7 week mark so I do not know at this time which puppies will be available.  They will be mediums, 35-40 pounds, have wavy fleece coats, and have incredibly sweet personalities.  Go home is the weekend of November 19th. If interested in having a new furry friend to love, please e-mail a puppy application found on our homepage, to  Thank you for your interest in our puppies!


Yellow Boy


Pink Girl


Red Boy


No Collar Boy


Blue Boy


Black Ribbon Boy

Thanks for looking !!