Maddie x Orion Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Our Maddie puppers are sure loving their new digs!  We have them in another large inside run now with lots of area to play.  Weaning has begun!!  Puppy mush is a favorite now and crunching on some dry kibble too is helpful for teething pups.  Still nursing of course, but with the addition of all these new goodies to eat, they are getting more chubby by the minute.  Here is our crew at the 5 week mark all festive for Fall.  I had to laugh at some of them looking perturbed with the photo shoot but they hung in there with me.  I think Red Boy’s expression says it all!!  Thanks for watching our babies grow up!


Black Ribbon Girl


Green Girl


Red Boy


Yellow Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks for taking a peek at our Maddie Rose x Orion puppies !!


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