Accepting reservation for a Pippa x Tate Puppy ~ Puppies Arriving May 12th !!

Happy Tuesday all!  We’ve had an unexpected last minute deferral for a Pippy x Tate puppy so we have an opening available on this list!! Pippa’s gorgeous litter is expected to make their debut on May 12th, go home is early to mid-July.  Colors expected are very pretty iced cream/caramel puppies and chocolate puppies with delightful personalities and very sweet dispositions!  They will be medium size at maturity, around 35-40 pounds.  Their coats will be wavy fleece with slight, very soft curls.  If interested, please fill in an application, found on the homepage of our website and e-mail to me at  I’ll take a peek at it and call you with more information.  Please feel to call me as well at 717-870-0659 if questions.  Thanks so much for your interest in our Pippa litter!!  (Photos of the parents are listed under Our Labradoodles, Our Girls and Our Boys page of our website  🙂


Lucy x Chewy Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Our chubby little Lucy babies are growing by the minute!  These are the most roly-poly babes I think we have ever had.  They never miss their call to the milk bar that’s for sure!  🙂  Their eyes have just started to open this week.  It won’t be long til’ they attempt standing if they can get their bellies off the floor.  (lol)  Mama Lucy adores her pups and doesn’t leave the nursery very much yet, what a great Mom!  So our little photo session was pretty easy today.  I snatched them up right after they had nursed so their tummies were full and they were ready to nap……the secret to my success today!  Here are our sweet new arrivals.  Thanks for looking!!


”   Finnikin   “  ~  Iced Caramel Boy


”   Tillie   “  ~  Chocolate Girl


Pippa x Tate puppies are due May 12th ~ We are having a larger than expected litter, so we have opened up her litter list.  Beautiful iced cream caramels, creams and chocolates with charming splashes of white are expected.  35-40 pounds at maturity.  Go home is early-mid July.  We are accepting applications and deposits.  For details, please contact me at  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies! 

Pippa’s Pregnancy is Confirmed !!

Great news all!  Pippa’s ultrasound yesterday revealed a very nice litter of puppies on their way.  Her due date is May 12th and puppies will go home in the early to mid July area.  We are so excited about our beautiful babies to arrive in a few short weeks!!  Here is an ultrasound photo of just one of her puppies……pretty awesome!!! Stay tuned as news unfolds….:)

Pippa and Tate US May 2018

One of Pippa and Tate’s babies …… how cool !!

If interested in having our puppies join your family, please contact me at 717-870-0659 or e-mail me at   I’ll be happy to help in your decision!!  Thanks for looking !!!



Lucy x Chewy Puppies Have Arrived !!

Good morning all!  Mama Lucy’s sweet puppies made their debut last evening…..a gorgeous cream boy and a chocolate girl with adorable white little toes.  Both babies are absolute pudge muffins and have been eating non-stop since their arrival.  Lucy love is such a great Mom and all too happy to snuggle with her newborns.  Look for more updates and photos soon once everyone is settled in a bit more!  Have a great day!  Thanks for looking……:)


~  Welcome to the world sweet babies  ~


Coming soon!!!  Pippa x Tate puppies are on the horizon around May 12th.  We are accepting applications and deposits at this time.  If interested in joining our Pippa litter list, please fill in an application, e-mail it to me at and I’ll get back to you with details.  Thank you!  I’ll be happy to help you in your decision for a new family member!  🙂

Pippa x Tate Have Honeymooned!

Our beautiful Pippa and Tate puppies are expected May 12th!  We are accepting applications and deposits.  We just HAD to repeat this pairing as their first litter was stunning!

Colors Expected:       Cream/caramel and Chocolate

Size:                               Mediums 25-35 pounds

Go Home:                     Mid-July

OUR PROCESS:  Please fill in an application found on the homepage of our website, e-mail it to me at and I’ll promptly reply with details!

PIPPA                                                                                TATE

Pippa breeder good Pm 2Tate ~ Blog Photo PM

Thanks for your interest in our upcoming Pippa x Tate puppies!!!  For more information, please e-mail me at  We’ll be glad to help you in your decision for a new member of your family!!!


Lucy/Chewy Ultrasound Confirms Her Pregnancy !!!

Happy Friday all!  We have awesome news…..Lucy’s ultrasound confirmed her pregnancy!  Yay!!  (see top of the photo)  She’s expecting to have her sweet little babies late March with go home late May.  Stay tuned for more exciting news when her babies make their debut!  Here’s a photo of one of the puppies…….Mother Nature and it’s miracles!

Lucy Chewy US March 2018

Lucy Chewy Baby saying hello

Thanks for looking !!!  More litters are planned soon…..scroll down for Puppy News and updates !!!

Lucy and Chewy have Honeymooned !!

Stop the press!!  We are over-the-moon with exciting news at WCL!  Our gorgeous Lucy and handsome Chewy from OSL have honeymooned.  Their sweet puppies are due March 26th and will go home in late May, a super nice time of the year for puppies!  Sizes will be mini’s and small mediums, to around 32 pounds or so, colors will be chocolates with some charming splashes of white, and creams.  Their coats will be awesome wavy soft fleece as well.  Personalities and temperaments will be just like the parents!  Lucy is a love, so sweet and such a cuddle bug and Chewy is described by his breeder, Stefani as being a silly, fun, teddy bear type guy!  You can see why this pairing will be show stoppers wherever they go!  We are accepting a limited number of reservations and deposits at this time  until we see how many puppies we are blessed with.  If interested in having one of these lovely Lucy x Chewy puppies join your family, please e-mail me a completed application found on our homepage of Windsor Creek Labradoodles and e-mail it to  I’ll take a quick peek at it and get back to you with details.  Thanks for your interest in our spectacular upcoming Lucy litter!  Here are the expectant parents …..


Lucy great website photo

Mama Lucy


Chewy OSL 2

Daddy Chewy

Chewy OSL 4

Chewy Boy

Photos of Chewy are courtesy of OSL.  Thanks go out to Stef for allowing Chewy to sire what will be a stunning litter of puppies for us!!   🙂

For more information, please contact Vicki at  Thank you!