Looking for my New Family !!

We have a very handsome 8 month-old chocolate puppy named “Hudson” looking for a new forever home!  About this awesome boy ……. he is an Australian Multigen labradoodle with a lovely soft, allergy-friendly fleece coat.  Hudson will mature to a medium size, approximately 40 pounds or so.  He is a wicked smart puppy who is a healthy and happy guy, current in his vaccinations, is microchipped and neutered.  He is also housetrained, knows basic commands and has worked with a trainer.

We are assisting his current family in re-homing him and are looking for a family who are experienced dog owners, with children who are older, perhaps teenagers, and are comfortable and confident with dogs.  Hudson loves to play with other dogs too!  He will need a roomy, fenced in yard to romp in as well as someone who will provide companionship for him during the day, someone working from home perhaps.  A good trainer is important for this sweet guy as it is for all puppies so to best set them up for success!

If you feel you could be that special loving family perfect for Hudson and you fit the above criteria, please contact me at vickityson@comcast.net and I’ll get back to you promptly with details!  Thanks for your interest in Hudson!


Hudson 3

Doing some squirrel watching Hudson ???


Love those “bunny ears” buddy !!!

Hudson 2

Just a pup having a fun day !!!

Breeding Plans Summer/Fall/Winter 2017

So I’ve finally got my breeding plans in place for the rest of the year, yay!  Thanks to all for being so patient!

The parents and estimated timing of all the litters are listed.  Photos and descriptions of the parents are listed on Our Girls page and Our Boys page.  We are accepting only (4) applications and deposits for each litter so please consider booking as early as you can to be guaranteed placement on a given list.  If interested in a puppy, please e-mail me a completed app found on the homepage of our website.   (vickityson@comcast.net.)  From there, I’ll contact you with details.  I will be glad to help you in your decision for a new family member!

Estimated size of puppies from any of these litters will be 35-40 pounds.  Colors will include gorgeous chocolates, creams with caramel highlights, iced caramels and some puppies may have charming white mismarks as well !!  Coat types will be allergy and asthma friendly and be wavy fleece with some puppies having some slight curls as well.  Temperaments and personalities of these puppies will be phenomenal…….very sweet and loving, awesome additions to any family!!!

PARENTS                                  HONEYMOON       WHELP            HOME

Zara x Schoggi                               May                              July                        September

Maddie Rose x Orion                   June                             August                   October

Kyra x (TBD)                                 October                       December             February 2018

Thanks again for your interest in our puppies.  🙂  We are going to have a mighty busy rest-of-the year at Windsor Creek Labradoodles……..more puppies to love and spoil!!

Lucy x Schoggi have honeymooned!

The latest in Windsor Creek News  ………… We’ve completed honeymooning Lucy and Schoggi and are anticipating their adorable puppies the end of May.  Lucy is an incredible Mama and raises awesome babies!  We expect chocolates and perhaps some creams with beautiful fleece coats; these puppies will mature to the 35-40 pound range.  Go home is the end of July.  THIS LITTER LIST IS BOOKED at this time until we see how many puppies we are blessed with from this pairing.  Thanks for your interest in our Australian labradoodle puppies!

Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Happy Friday!  Our Zara puppies are rocking and rolling now, playing and wrestling non-stop.  We’ve added more cool toys and things to entertain them.  Weaning is underway, and some brave souls have even tried crunching on the dry stuff.  🙂  Their teeth are breaking through too……Zara says yay to getting a break from her nursing duties.  What’s really exciting is that I love what I see in emerging personalities of each of our babies.  They have very good eye contact with me and are super excited, tails wagging, when I come into the nursery.  What love bugs!  I can’t believe how still they sat for our photo shoot today…..they are awesome!  Enjoy and thanks for watching our puppies grow up!


Pink Girl



Green Girl




Yellow Boy



Blue Girl



Black Ribbon Girl



No Collar Girl

Thanks for watching our crew grow up!  🙂



















Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

I love this stage in puppy development!  Eyes are open now and “attempts” at walking are going pretty good, well kind of….still a lot of barrel rolls but they’re getting the hang of it!! ….perseverance. 🙂  Mama Zara’s going in and out of the nursery more often figuring if the crew is napping, she’s joining the family.  Our 3-week photo shoot is posting a bit early as we will have a busy weekend, but I didn’t think anyone would mind.  lol  Here are our Valentine babies with their festive stuffie…..thanks for watching our puppies grow up.  What happy, content little souls!!  Happy early Valentine’s Day all !! ❤


Blue Girl



No Collar Girl



Pink Girl



Black Ribbon Girl



Yellow Boy



Green Girl

Puppy pile fun ……. Little sis just piled on top and snuggled in, so adorable!!


Thanks again for looking!!!













Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 1 Week

Good morning all!  Happy 1st week birthday to our new arrivals.  All is well here. The pups are settled in and Mama and babies are doing just great.  So simply put, our chubs are eating and sleeping machines right now, quickly gaining weight.  Their eyes will open in about a week, but for now, they reach their Mom by scent.  It is amazing how strong they are at getting around just as newborns, but scurrying to the milk bar for a coveted position, is a huge motivator!  🙂  So here are our new babies.  Don’t you just love little puppy toes…..   check out pink girl’s freckled nose, too darn cute!!   Have a great week everyone and thanks for looking!  This litter is fully booked.


No Collar Girl


Yellow Boy


Blue Girl


Green Girl


Pink Girl


Black Ribbon Girl

Thanks again for taking a peek at our new puppies !!














Mama Zara ~ What a sweet Mama !!

Just to make you smile!!  I have a live cam in the nursery now so I can spy on our new arrivals 24/7.  Love the new camera by the way.  I captured this pic of Zara this morning resting her head next to her babies, staring so lovingly at them after she had scrunched their bed together and herded them into a puppy pile.  Just was thinking what great Mamas I have here and what an awesome job they do raising their pups….melts my heart.  Thanks for letting me share…..have a great day!  🙂