Daisy Puppies ~ 8 Week’s Old

Homecoming is here!!!  This is our most exciting week yet in the journey of Daisy’s final litter.  All our puppies are going home to such wonderful families.  Our house has suddenly gotten very quiet again without puppy chatter, at least for a few weeks.   We’re expecting Annie’s beautiful litter around Father’s Day though so we’ll be back on track snuggling and loving more babies.

We were really blessed with these puppies having such beautiful fleece coats and sweet personalities.  Needless to say, we’re super proud of them all!  It was so darn cute to see how excited the puppies were to meet their new families with all the kisses they were giving to everyone!  I’m really going to miss my precious pups, they were a comical crew and such a pleasure to raise.  It’s great knowing they’re going to wonderful homes where they’ll continue to be loved and spoiled 🙂  Our families are really so nice, keeping in touch with me with updates and pictures which are priceless, and I so appreciate that.   It’s really fun seeing the pups as they grow up in their new homes and hearing what their new adventures have been.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all my puppy families for having had the pleasure of working with them.  I’m wishing everyone much happiness, fun and years of loving companionship with their new family member!

This week we’ve combined the puppies’ 8 week-old pictures with their “going home” photos taken with their new families.  Talk about excitement, joy and mutual love at first sight!!! ….Have a great week everyone!  If wanting to take a peek at more puppies from us…..Annie x Vincent’s litter is right around the corner!!!  🙂

Here we are with our new families !!!

Finnegan Dwyer


Bernie D'Avella

Flynn DiDonato

Stella Prasad

Cooper Cybulski

Mattie McGrath

Ella McAuley


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