Kyra x Theo ~ Puppies arrived 12/15/17 !!

Our long awaited litter of beautiful Kyra and Theo puppies arrived late yesterday!  We are over-the-moon excited about our gorgeous babies of (5) total, 4 boys and 1 girl.  Our one boy is dark caramel and the rest of our puppies are a frosted caramel we call “iced caramel,” LOVE their color!  Kyra did an awesome job whelping her babies and everyone is settling in nicely today……by the way……a huge shout out of thanks to Kyra’s guardian Mom, “Jess,” for hang out with us for the day.  We appreciated all her help!  So the pups are camped out at the milk bar as I write this note, and you can tell  pretty much by their plump little tummies that is what they do best…!  🙂  So here are our new arrivals making their debut just in time for the Holidays.  We are truly blessed!  Look for more fun updates and more photo sessions through the coming weeks.  Thanks for looking and we wish all a very Merry Christmas and blessed New Year 2018!  Here we go ……….Enjoy!!



No Collar Girl



Red Boy



Yellow Boy



Green Boy



Black Ribbon Boy



We are preparing breeding plans for 2018 now.  If interested in a new furry family member, we would be happy to help you in your decision for a puppy.  The first step in our process is to please e-mail me a puppy application, I’ll take a peek at it and reply with more details.  No deposit is necessary at this point in our process until after we have chatted with more information for you.   Thank you so much for your interest in our Windsor Creek Labradoodle puppies!


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