Pippa x Tate Puppies ~ 5 Weeks

Our fur babies are growing up fast!  We are coming up on 5 week’s old this weekend, hard to believe!  So here’s the latest……puppy teeth are coming in with a vengeance now…….weaning is underway with the pups discovering their new food consisting of yummy puppy mush and puppy mousse, with nursing in between of course and spending time with Mama Pippa.  We have all the makings of some mighty stuffed puppy tummies 24/7.  We transferred our crew into a larger area this morning where they are loving their new digs…..plenty of room to do some play-fighting and where it’s full of toys and then more toys.  lol.  The “zoomies” hit when we first put them in their new area and they are still racing around chasing one another as we speak!!  Ahh…..puppy energy.  Could we bottle some of that for us!  🙂  Our photo session was a blast!  We had SO much fun dressing up our puppers for our Christmas photo shoot.  Bless their hearts…..they were incredibly patient with all our antics!  Look for more photos and updates soon.  Thanks for looking!!


No collar boy


Blue Boy


Pink Girl


Black Ribbon Boy


Green Girl


Yellow Boy


Red Boy

Thanks so much for watching our Pippa x Tate puppies grow up !!  Have a great week !!


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