Welcome to the World ~ Pippa x Tate Puppies !!

Mama Pippa and Papa Tate’s puppies arrived late yesterday, 10/28, right on schedule!  We were blessed with (7) gorgeous babies, 2 girls and 5, yes 5 boys.  We have a lovely mix of colors too with one chocolate female, one chocolate male, one caramel boy and 4 beautiful iced cream/caramels!  What an epic litter of such pretty puppies……we are thrilled!!  Mama Pip is an absolute incredible Mama, being a first-time Mom and all.  She is very attentive to her babies and loves on them like there’s no tomorrow!  When the first puppy was born though, being a first timer, she looked at the puppy like, “what is this and what do I do with it?”  It was priceless!  The second pup arrived and she was a pro, too funny.  So here are first photos of our crew.  Look for more updates and pics to be posted once everyone is settled in.  We are over-the-moon about our adorable new arrivals!  Thanks for looking!


Mama and her little Loves



Proud Mama Pip


Have a great week everyone !!!






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