Zara x Schoggi Puppies ~ 6 Weeks Update

So we’ve been crazy busy these days at WCL with more puppies rocking and rolling!  Weaning is winding down a bit here as Zara’s puppies’ piranha-like teeth are a bit annoying to her these days, we get it girl!  🙂  Watching these pups every day with their comical antics at play is such a hoot.  You wonder where all that energy comes from but I sure wish I could tap into it!  I’m loving the sweet, cuddly personalities I see with this litter too.  Their coats are just beautiful and the mismarks of splashes of white on them make them all the more adorable.  These puppies also have some mighty excited families waiting for them to come home in a couple of weeks!  Thank you for following our puppies along over the weeks.  Next up:  Pippa and Tate puppies expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more info, please scroll down and see their update as well.   


Cream Girl ~ “Jennie Charlotte”


Green boy ~ “Charlie”


Red Boy ~ “Tugger”


Yellow Boy


Chocolate/White Girl ~ “Delilah”

Thanks again for following our Zara x Schoggi puppies along.  Next Up:  Pippa and Tate puppies are expected late October to go home just after Christmas!  For more information, please see the post below.  Thanks so much for your interest in our puppies!


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