Maddie Rose x Orion Puppies ~ 2 Weeks

Wow!  Can’t believe how quickly puppies grow!  Mads’ adorable crew are quite the “chubs” and no wonder, Mama Maddie is such a good Mom, so attentive to every whimper from her babies!  Our little guy (I can’t really call him my “peanut pie” anymore) is quickly catching up to his sisters.  He’s quite the “chow hound,” this guy and all of them love their cuddles and snuggles.  Their eyes should be opening any day now and they’ll start to toddle around.  Hope everyone enjoys Maddie and “O’s new family!  Thanks for looking!!


Chocolate Boy


Caramel Girl


Chocolate Girl


My Lovies …… guess the photo shoot was exhausting !!! 



Thanks again for looking!


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