Breeding Plans Summer/Fall/Winter 2017

So I’ve finally got my breeding plans in place for the rest of the year, yay!  Thanks to all for being so patient!

The parents and estimated timing of all the litters are listed.  Photos and descriptions of the parents are listed on Our Girls page and Our Boys page.  We are accepting only (4) applications and deposits for each litter so please consider booking as early as you can to be guaranteed placement on a given list.  If interested in a puppy, please e-mail me a completed app found on the homepage of our website.   (  From there, I’ll contact you with details.  I will be glad to help you in your decision for a new family member!

Estimated size of puppies from any of these litters will be 35-40 pounds.  Colors will include gorgeous chocolates, creams with caramel highlights, iced caramels and some puppies may have charming white mismarks as well !!  Coat types will be allergy and asthma friendly and be wavy fleece with some puppies having some slight curls as well.  Temperaments and personalities of these puppies will be phenomenal…….very sweet and loving, awesome additions to any family!!!

PARENTS                                  HONEYMOON       WHELP            HOME

Zara x Schoggi                               May                              July                        September

Maddie Rose x Orion                   June                             August                   October

Kyra x (TBD)                                 October                       December             February 2018

Thanks again for your interest in our puppies.  🙂  We are going to have a mighty busy rest-of-the year at Windsor Creek Labradoodles……..more puppies to love and spoil!!


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