Honeymooning Maddie Rose x Orion!

We couldn’t resist pairing our beautiful Maddie Rose and handsome “O” once again!!  I am so excited about this breeding!!  Puppies will be born early February and go home in April, a super nice time of the year for puppies!  We expect gorgeous chocolates and creams/caramels, sizes to mature to mediums, 32-40 pounds and the pups will have super soft, allergy-friendly fleece coats.  Puppy temperaments and personalities are sure to be just as sweet as the parents!  I adore Maddie and Orion puppies, they are incredible!  We are currently accepting applications and deposits for this litter.  If interested in having one of these puppies join your family, please fill in an application found on the homepage of our website, e-mail it to me at vickityson@comcast.net, I’ll take a quick peek at it and get back to you with details.  No deposit is necessary until we’ve chatted.  Many thanks for your interest in our puppies!  Wishing everyone the happiest of Holidays!

Here are our expectant parents !!

Mama “Maddie Rose”


Mama Maddie Rose

Proud Papa “Orion”


Papa Orion

Thank so much for your interest in our puppies!!!  Happy Holidays !!!


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