Maddie Rose X Orion Puppies ~ 5 Days

More beautiful puppies to love….who could ask for more!  All is well here with Maddie’s new arrivals; they are thriving and of course, she is being a stellar Mama as always.  These pups are purely eating and sleeping machines right now and when they are hungry, they vocalize!!  What a noisy crew when it’s time to saddle up to the milk bar, too funny.  I am loving the gorgeous coats of these babies….they feel like velvet!!  So here are our little darlings at 5 days old.  We’ll post more pics and updates in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for looking!!!


Black Ribbon Girl


Green Girl


Red Boy


Yellow Girl


No Collar Girl

Thanks again for taking a peek at our new family of puppies!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  🙂


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