Lucy x Schoggi Puppies Arrived !!!

Congrats to our sweet Lucy and handsome Schoggi on their beautiful babies born early this morning, July 1st!  We were blessed with (5) puppies to include 2 girls, 3 boys, 2 are creams and 3, chocolates.  The pups are identified with ribbons….. pink cream girl, green cream boy, yellow chocolate boy, black ribbon chocolate boy and red chocolate girl.  All are doing great at this point, nursing with gusto!  Mama Lucy is fussing over them like the super Mom she is!  Lucy was in labor a day and half and around 7 a.m. this morning, right on her due date, she got down to business and within an hour, she had whelped all her babies.  How awesome is she!!  For now, here is a group photo until we have time to recoup and then we will do an individual photo session.  Congrats to all our puppy families who have been waiting for this exciting day!  I will also post some pics as we go along here, on our Facebook page of Windsor Creek Labradoodles as well.  Thanks for taking a peek at our newest family here!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone……

Lucy x Schoggi 7 1 16

Look for more Halle and Zara puppies to arrive in a week or so!  We will have a few “extra” puppies from these Moms, so if interested in a new family member, please e-mail a completed application to me at  I will take a peek at it and get back to you with details.  Thanks for your interest in our puppies here at Windsor Creek!


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