Em x Tate Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Here we are at 3 week’s old already……..my absolute favorite week in puppy development.  Eyes and ears are open now, and they are learning to walk, still doing a lot of barrel rolling, but are getting the hang of being up on all fours.  Puppies at this age are still napping and nursing often but start early play-fighting with each other.  Batting one another’s noses, chewing on paws and such but ever so gently……..for now anyway!  🙂  We’ve added their play gym to the nursery and some cool stuffies, so they’re exploring new things.  Here are our “babies” for this week ……….our photo shoot went really well, but as you’ll see, we had a comedian in the bunch……there’s always one!  Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving next week!








Auntie Faye

Auntie Faye


Joe Edward ....My Little Comedian

Joe Edward ….My Little Comedian





Thanks for looking!  All these puppies have forever homes waiting for them.



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