Em x Tate Puppies ~ 1 Week

Happy one-week old birthday to our new arrivals!  Holy cow ….. they are getting pudgy already. Guess eating, sleeping and repeating will do that!  So for now, their eyes are not open and they cannot hear, but all that will change in the next week or so.  Em is “super mama,” as always and takes awesome care of her babies.  Here are our little munchkins …… our photo shoot went well, their full tummies, all warm and cozy, and we are good to go!  Thanks for looking!  All these puppies have homes waiting for them.  (About the fun names ….. some of our extended family grew up as the only boy in the family, surrounded by sisters, hence, the names, courtesy of my hubby who loves to come up with comical names for our pups.  Don’t worry puppy fams, all in fun !!  Whew……. right???  (LOL)

” Connie “

” Phyllis “

” Betty “

” Auntie Faye “

” Joe E. “

Thanks again for looking !!  Have a great week everyone……


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