Halle x Orion Puppies ~ 3 Weeks

Posting a bit early, but I didn’t think anyone would mind!!  Love week three in puppy development…..they are looking  like “real” puppies now!!  🙂   All have their eyes open and can hear, and there are a lot of other “new” things happening for our loves.  We’ve added an area for them to begin learning housetraining skills and yes, they can do this even at this young age!  Smart little puppers!!  They are much more aware of their surroundings too….discovering their play gym and fun toys in addition to interacting more with one another…..so cute to watch.  Here are our Halle puppies getting all festive for St. Patrick’s Day next week, which is actually my son’s Happy Birthday!!  Lots to celebrate!!  Thanks for watching our puppies grow up!!


Blue Boy

Blue Boy


No Collar Boy

No Collar Boy


Red Boy

Red Boy


Cream Boy

Cream Boy

Just for fun ……

" Get these darn things off me !! "

” Get these darn things off me !! “


Thanks for looking!!  More beautiful litters coming up through the Summer, Fall and Winter!!  For details, please e-mail Vicki at vickityson@comcast.net OR call me at 717-870-0659.   Our litter lists fill very quickly so if wishing a puppy from us, reserving early will best assure you of a puppy!  🙂


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